1. Rexstop15

    Approved House Bar Emmon - Application Thread by Rexstop

    Hello everyone! after some time, finally here is my app for the lands of House Bar Emmon of Sharp Point. Let me know what you think! : CLICK HERE TO SEE APP
  2. Finn01

    Approved House Long - Finn

    Here is my application for House Long, see pdf attached. (Updated document)
  3. Die Wursttheke

    Approved Oldcastle/House Locke Application

    This is my official Application for Oldcastle. Redo Appeal: ================================================================================================ Application...
  4. Antony

    Approved Stepstones Megaproject (Bloodstone, Birdstone, Grey Gallows) by Antony_Justman

    Soo... the time has FINALY come!! A small intro So, before I proceed, I need to state that, I have decided, to call this project a megabuild, more due to its size and also, itself beeing comprised by three islands, if that is, one can say 1 island would equal a project, but since all other...
  5. Nomorefun_

    Approved Project Application: House Pyne

    House Pyne of Cracklawpoint
  6. Batelgause

    Approved Project Application : House Charlton by Batelgause

    Hi everybody ! After months of planning and thinking about it i'm finally applying for the House of Charlton in northern riverlands . (hope i dont drop this one too) Here is the app!
  7. Jakethesnake8_8

    Approved Lonely Hills Terra Project

    Hi gang! I'm back with another sadistic terra project. I plan to update the Lonely hills terrain as it is currently worldpainter or similar quality, and needs to be brought up to scratch to fit with Carci's beautiful work in the area. Below is a map showing the planned topography, and historical...
  8. Emoticone11

    Approved Southeastern Vale Megabuild (Wickenden, Ruthermont, Redfort, Runestone/Gulltown Peninsula) by Emoticone11

    AKA another thing to keep me occupied for the next 10 years... This megabuild consists of Wickenden (finished; just minor post-approval updates pending), Ruthermont, Redfort, Runestone, and Gulltown. The city of Gulltown itself will be a separate server build applied for at a later date...
  9. Rexstop15

    Completed Stonedance by Rexstop - Application Thread

    Ok, so after having agreed on the style and inspo for Massey's Hook, here is my application for House Massey of Stonedance: HOUSE MASSEY APP I hope you like it :)
  10. zanji

    Abandoned Project Application: House Ironsmith by Zanji

  11. Tobi

    Approved House Sweet by Tobi

    Hey everyone, This is my application for house sweet in the northern Stormlands. As this is my first application for a canon project im very open for feedback/criticism. Here is the link ==> Tobi
  12. Jeffjunior77

    Approved House Estermont by Jeff

    Hey everyone here is my application for House Estermont of the Stormlands. After Lonmouth is nearly done I want to start a new project in the Stormlands. I Will finish lonmouth before I start any work on Greenstone. On my plot u can find a lot of tests for greenstone but some of them are WIP or...
  13. Aino

    Approved Project Application: House Swann by Aino

    Hello, this is my application for House Swann of Stonehelm: Have fun reading :) -Aino
  14. JJLyric

    Abandoned House Lorch By JJLyric :P
  15. Homiesucc

    Approved House Bolling by Homiesucc Hope this works Going for an update, was a redo at the time of writing but check newer posts by me TESTS NOT FINISHED, WILL BE POSTED HERE WHEN DONE FEEL FREE...
  16. Jeffjunior77

    Completed House Lonmouth by Jeff

    Hey! I apply for House Sweet Located in the Dornish March. Here is my app: Please give me feedback bc its my First App and First Project :)! Best Regards Jeff
  17. StanateeManatee

    Approved Sweetport Sound (Foster) by StanateeTheManatee

    Howdy y'all! After careful consideration and research, I have decided to apply to foster Sweetport Sound and the surrounding lands of Houses Sunglass and Rambton, as allowed by Exemption C of the No Redo Rule (Projects in the Orphanage). This has long been one of my favorite builds, and I know...
  18. A

    Approved Project Application: House Crayne by Zsomiking & AlexIsTragic

    Hi, Below you will find the link to our application for House Crayne of the Vale: Click here for the application Thank you for reading!