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House Pyne​

of Cracklawpoint​




The Dark Lord Sauron
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Hey NMF,

Overall I think your plans look good, and I have no major objections. I do have some minor feedback on the castle test - the gradient is a bit too plain in some spots, and I don't think the design for the circular tower works very well. I'd perhaps make the radius a block longer so you can make it more circular, and try a less uneven-looking roof design. Also, rather than "melting" the cliffs up onto the walls of the castle, try making it look more like the castle was built on top of the cliffs instead. There's a good example of this at /warp crayne.

Since I was your approving mod on Deep Den, I'm happy to approve this app as well provided you take the above feedback into account.


Thy for feedback, I worked at tower at below you can see how it will change. I will work at gradient as final touch of castle, I will have in mind it. I will work with terra for castle in westeros map when I got more space and better overview of it. Now it is just to show idea. So if you are ok with new tower shape, I will start work with terra in project.




Update about project progress,
shape of terrain is set, only beaches and cliffs left but it will be done at end. I've plotted out most of hamlets and village, roads are also marked.
Main village (warp pynevillage) is ready for check of mods and them I will open plots to build, so stay tuned.
At warp pyne is guide about style and some informations about project, I will try keep information board up to date with every open locations.

Using opportunity, I want to mention about my will about doing House Hardy and making something like duo-project, adding Hardy lands to my actual schedule of terraforming cracklaw point, it will allow to make coherent and continuous land of the peninsula. Total area of this combined land will be around size of Dyre Den project.
I want start Hardy before setting forest and beaches in Pyne to make it at once, but rest I will try finish before that.
I can make separated post at forum about that or change this thread and adding plans for Hardy here.

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Donkey Lord
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At Hardy, i was thinking you could also introduce more tree variety by including tree schema that look windswept or hunkered down like Soldier pines and Kermes Oaks.

Also I think that the hills that run through the project that you can have trees go all the way to the top, with shirt trees living in the rockier hill tops (similar to Emots tetra at ruthermont but with even more foliage).
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