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The Rookery — Summer 2022 Update

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The Rookery - Spring 2022 Update

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The Rookery - Winter 2021 Update

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The Old Mods and the New

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Dear Community,

we are sad to announce the retirement of three long-time staff members: WhereRmyDragons Endymion and ZeRamenGuy stepped down from modship. Both Dragons and Endy announced their desire to remain active members of the community, to whichever extent their real life obligations allow them, and we hope to wb! Ramen on the server, soon. We thank each of them for the many years of dedication and enthusiasm for our community. Thanks guys!

Each ending is also the start of something new, so we are happy to announce that Ric and AerioOndos and DutchGuard will be promoted to modship in the coming days. We are sure that they will be great assets. Congrats, folks!

Marker Signs!

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Thanks to the wizardry of red and the help of mikeprimm we now have a lovely little addition to our Dynmap arsenal.

Any builder (or higher rank) can now place signs on open plots or available minis which create Marker Flags on our Dynmap.

For these to work the signs must be written in a specific way. At the moment you can designate either an available [plot] or available [mini]

Any text you write below either [plot] or [mini] will appear on the Dynmap marker.
A sound and animation will play when you place the sign correctly.

For example:
Looks like this on the map:

When someone claims a plot, they can break the sign and the flag disappears! Neat right?

When looking at the Dynmap make sure you have the "Available Mini" and "Open Plot" layers selected.


WesterosCraft 1.12.2 Released!

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1.12 banner v2.png

WesterosCraft has now officially upgraded to Minecraft version 1.12.2. With this upgrade comes several changes and additions to the server.

Please report any bugs or feedback here: https://forum.westeroscraft.com/threads/1-12-2-bug-report-thread.2283/#post-15310

New plugins

Ultimate Chat
- lets us have separate chat channels including 'Global', the default one. There's also a Local channel that only broadcasts chat to within 30 block radius. Join other channels by typing /ch global or /ch local. See all available with /ch list. There's also a channel for staff. Other channels will be added based on builder requests and feedback.

MagiBridge - Lets us link our chat to the 'server-chat' channel in our Discord. Its a two way street - what you...

Expected downtime for 1.12.2 transfer

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Hey folks, its finally that time - we are initiating the upgrade from 1.11 version of Minecraft to 1.12 this Wednesday around 6pm CST. Expect downtime to last at least 2 hours, possible more or less.

With the upgrade, you will notice a few changes:
  • We've installed a new plugin called called Ultimate Chat - lets us have separate chat channels including 'Global', the default one. Theres also a local channel that only broadcasts chat to within 30 block radius.
  • Magibridge is a new plugin that connects the Global channel to a text channel called 'server-chat' in our Discord. It's a two way chat and serves as a replacement for the old IRC chat.
  • A new feature unique to WesterosCraft - personal horses! Just type /wchorse to summon your own personal horse. You can also type /wchorse <type> <color> to specialize the look of the horse you summon. The horse is deleted when you sign off so no need to worry about spamming them and causing server lag.
  • We've removed...

New Wiki, Progress Page, and Trophies!

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Hello all!

Our new Wiki and Progress pages are now fully updated. You can reach these very easily thanks to the new "Resources" menu on the above navigation bar. Check out the post on the List of Available Projects Thread for more details.

You may also see some notifications pop up about being awarded a trophy! Some of you may remember the Maester's chain trophies we had on our old forums, well, they're back!
Many thanks to @CashBanks for coming up with new chain link sprites.
Note that awards only appear when the user logs into the forums.
You can see the reason for the award being given by clicking on it. If you feel you are missing an award, please DM me (@DutchGuard)

If you've got any ideas or suggestions...

Summer 2020 Rookery Submissions OPEN!

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We're now accepting submissions of any type for the Summer 2020 issue of the Rookery!

These could include:
  • Project spotlights
  • Community spotlights (for community members who have made a positive impact on the community)
  • Building/WE tutorials
  • Real world inspiration
  • World-building guides (e.g, how jewelry was made in the 1400s)
  • Game of Thrones/ASOIAF/server-related jokes
  • Free-form writing (long or short-form articles about anything related to the server)
  • Shaders, renders, fan art, etc.!

The goal is to release the new issue by the end of June, so try to get your submissions in as soon as possible! If you have an idea but think it might take a bit of time for you to finish it, just let me know and I'll leave a space for it!

New website and future summer updates

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As you may have noticed, this week we launched a new look at www.westeroscraft.com. The old website was full of dead links, outdated information, bugs on mobile and various browsers and it was overall just very difficult for new users to find what the server is, what we do, and how to explore. The new website was designed and programmed from the ground up to make that experience way more streamlined and effective, and not to brag on myself or anything, but I think I did a pretty good job :)

One of the main features is the new Wiki - the number one source of all the information about our project. Instead of having different things spread across Google Sheets, Wikia and the forums, the end goal is to compile all those things on the Wiki. If you are interested in being a Wiki Maintainer, please contact me.

If you notice any bugs on the website, or have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to...

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