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Hey ochuckles

I saw that you addapted the SEUS shader for westeroscraft! Awesome!
As I'm doindsome cinematics at the moment it would be a huge help if you could give me your adapted shader!
You can write me here or on discord.

- fluboss
Kul i made the house of the farmstead but i want you feedback on it. so i can change it and not make the same mistakes with the rest of the farmstead.
hey, Dutch i wanted to ask you something.
you are incharge of the map on the website and i wanted to ask if i could maybe make borders for most of the houses like you did with Kingslanding when you activate areas on the map. i find it very hard sometimes to know which hamlet belongs to which house so i think that would help.
Could you let me know what you think about that idea. Thank you and have a beautiful day.
That's a great suggestion Vickon, but it would be very difficult to accomplish. Many of the projects have very poorly defined borders, and it is sometimes hard to determine which hamlets or villages belong to which House. Hopefully one day we achieve this, but it will need to be a group effort. I am hoping that with current and future projects we can draw these borders. Expect a forum post on the matter soon!
ok that's fine just thought to bring it up because i found it confusing sometimes.
have a great day.
hey Des. i am a probation builder and i build a house of a farmer at Hagsmire1. i didnt do a yard because there was no mention of it.
so should i do the yard or not?
with kind regards Vickon.