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Discussion in 'The Crownlands' started by starcat98, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. starcat98

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    Hoping to finally give Antlers the love it deserves.

    Thanks for your time!

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  3. @Howy , unless I’m mistaken people don’t have to post appeals for orphaned build pickups (at least that’s the precedent we’ve done). The rules don’t make it clear when people need to post justifications though, I should probably add that in.
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  4. starcat98

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    I did read the new Official Redo Rules in full, and I was under the assumption that even though it was my own build in the past, being an orphaned build still qualified it for a redo. Antlers was never really finished to what I wanted it to be, and in my opinion, it is out of server standards at this point. If it is complete enough to be deemed a finished project, and ineligible for a redo, please let me know, and maybe I can revisit it at a later date when all or most of the non-completed projects are done! Again, thanks for your time.
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  5. starcat98

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    I apologize if this is too soon for a bump, but I'd just like to know if the app is allowed to continue or if I should focus my attention elsewhere? Thank you! :)
  6. You’re good to go with the app! I’d check it out but I’m on vacation right now, hopefully someone else can get to it first.
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  7. Hey Starcat, this looks like a really good application. I like all the plans you have, and since it's a fairly old project now it would be great if we can try and salvage/update as much as possible. Happy to approve.
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  8. starcat98

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    Just as an update as well as a bump, I edited the castle palette was well as the design a little bit. I did this to (hopefully) better reflect the Crownlands style. Hope you all like them :).

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  9. Hey Star, you have my approval. Let's get this thing done this time!

    As I talked about with you in-game, I think you should hold off on the house-dense areas for now so we can work on the style a bit more. Also, have you contacted Dragons about the Mallery terraforming you were unsure about?
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  10. We sorted everything out very quickly :D
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  11. starcat98

    starcat98 Nobuild

    Yep, turns out the terraforming was just a cool way of organizing the lands! All is sorted, as Dragons said :D. Thank you guys for the approvals, I will get started asap!
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    Just as a quick progress update and because I'd just like to have this written down somewhere and get some opinions on it; I've made some slight changes to the castle layout. Given its location in the northern Crownlands, I envision Antlers as a much more defensive and "rugged," if you will, castle than its southern counterparts. Rosby and Stokeworth are wealthier houses and are in closer proximity to King's Landing, which lends to their more ornate styling and general more "cushy" feeling inside the keeps (not to take away from the fact that they are in fact still defensive structures). I feel Antlers should be a more "utilitarian" feeling castle, and have less of a focus on ornateness. I feel that its close proximity to the border with the Riverlands, as well as nearby Crackclaw Point, are reasons as to why it should have this feel.

    Now to the actual updates; I've decided to axe the guest quarters as I feel they don't fit the nature of the build as I've described above. I've also decided to remove the brewery in favor of allowing space for gardens and more storage areas for food and other supplies. Here is the layout as it stands now:


    Opinions are very welcome, and I would love to hear them!