1. WalrusBehindYou

    Approved House Lightfoot - Walrus

    Here is my application for House Lightfoot, hope y'all enjoy. :)
  2. CashBanks

    Eastwatch Project Thread

    Eastwatch-by-the-Sea Dark Greetings! Now that the Nightfort is getting close to finished, I'm proposing to make a start on Eastwatch under the server build umbrella. Gawain and Eag_inc have done some great tests for the build along with a mini. Since they're both presently occupied I've...
  3. Margaery_Tyrell

    Approved Mega Project: Upper Honeywine (Brightwater Keep, Roxton, Hastwyck) by Margaery Tyrell

    Here is my application: Thank you!
  4. CashBanks

    Wall Castle Renaissance Update Thread

    Dark greetings from the Wall! From the outset of the Nightfort Server Build, one of the core goals of the project was to see the entirety of the Wall finally completed to current server standards. Once and for all. Some of the Wall Castles date back to the earliest days of the Server. So, much...
  5. Ric

    Approved Central Riverlands Megabuild by Ravish, Ric and Scubooty

    Hey everyone! Me, RavishMeRed and Scubooty are applying for a megabuild in the Riverlands, with the intention of redoing the areas of Hogg Hall and Harrentown and finishing Bigglestone, Butterwell, Chambers and Whitewalls. More details can be found in the document. To make it clear, we are NOT...
  6. CashBanks

    NIghtfort Server Build - Gift Settlements

    Dark greetings from the Wall! From the outset of the project, the Nightfort Server Build was seen as a chance to breath some life into the Wall and its surrounding areas. While the Nightfort itself is coming together (and I hope to have it opened up for mini-apps in the next month), there's...
  7. CashBanks

    Nightfort Server Build - Available Projects, Mini Applications and Updates.

    Dark greetings from the Wall! As covered in the Nightfort Project Document and Status thread, the Server Build will include four separate parts: Completion of the Nightfort; Completion of Eastwatch, Long Barrow and Rimegate; Updating completed Wall Castles; and Populating the Gift with...
  8. Joseidon1

    Abandoned Project Application: Clan Burley by Joseidon

    Here is my application for Harclay to extend Johan's dream of a done North-Western North. Link
  9. IMajic

    Approved House Cave by Majic

    House Cave document is to large to upload straight onto this thread, sorry thanks maj
  10. EverlastEvil

    Completed Project Application: House Amber by EverlastEvil

    Hey there, here's my application for the vanquished House Amber of the North! Here's the Link-
  11. Auscarbone

    Completed Project Application: Long Barrow by Auscar

    Hello! Here is my application for Long Barrow (sometimes referred to as The Long Barrow), an abandoned castle along the Wall, situated between Rimegate to the west and Torches to the east. RESUME: This is my first project (been a little lazy considering I’v been on the serve for like nearly two...
  12. lemonbear

    Approved Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear

    Hi, all! Let me know if I need to wait a week for this to be considered. I'll happily accept feedback in the meantime. :) ** EDIT: BTW, if any holdfasts, septries, farms, hamlets, etc. grab your attention, feel free to ask to do them! I plan for this project to be server build-ish where...
  13. jMp007

    Approved House Haigh by jMp007

    ah shit, here we go again
  14. starcat98

    Approved Project Application: Antlers

    Hoping to finally give Antlers the love it deserves. Thanks for your time! -Star
  15. A

    Abandoned Project application: Ambrose

    Hi, Here is my application for ambrose. As always, feedbacks are appreciated. Thanks -duck
  16. Wazgamer

    Approved House Lolliston: By wazgamer

    Hello all It's waz here, King beyond the wall and Lord of the Greenfork, just reposting Lolliston app <3 Lolliston PDF