1. Auscarbone

    Approved Project Application: House Brune of Brownhollow by Auscar

    Link Thanks to NMF for their help!
  2. Uthormadman424

    Approved Project Application: House Ruthermont by Uthormadman424 & Agrhendaer

    Hi All! Robin (Agrhendaer) and I (Uthor) are applying for House Ruthermont under Emote's Southeastern Vale Megabuild. Please see the link to our project application! Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16F77rS7mnLr-wiMKjkI1nafRxSVmHdNUhYQ63eikpIs/edit?usp=sharing Thank you very much and...
  3. WalrusBehindYou

    Approved House Lightfoot - Walrus

    Here is my application for House Lightfoot, hope y'all enjoy. :)
  4. 7JG7

    Approved House Santagar of the Spottswood - 7 and Steele

    Hello everyone! Please find below mine and KDSteele's application for House Sanatagar of the Spottswood. https://docs.google.com/document/d/176mgDZSFavST6wpDCCGcgHRVxYkYnDGHfHoYNviEWnc/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Die Wursttheke

    Approved Oldcastle/House Locke Application

    This is my official Application for Oldcastle. Redo Appeal: https://forum.westeroscraft.com/threads/redo-appeal-oldcastle-house-locke-by-diewursttheke.3510/ ================================================================================================ Application...
  6. Nomorefun_

    Approved Project Application: House Pyne

    House Pyne of Cracklawpoint https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bao2VktTqB_oRQlS326_RFAsKFrC_Ac5vE5NsI9BDDU/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Jakethesnake8_8

    Approved Bigglestone by Jakethesnake8_8

    Hey there! It's me with another thing to do stuff on the map. Here's my Bigglestone app. Enjoy !
  8. Ric

    Approved Central Riverlands Megabuild by Ravish, Ric and Scubooty

    Hey everyone! Me, RavishMeRed and Scubooty are applying for a megabuild in the Riverlands, with the intention of redoing the areas of Hogg Hall and Harrentown and finishing Bigglestone, Butterwell, Chambers and Whitewalls. More details can be found in the document. To make it clear, we are NOT...
  9. Tobi

    Approved House Sweet by Tobi

    Hey everyone, This is my application for house sweet in the northern Stormlands. As this is my first application for a canon project im very open for feedback/criticism. Here is the link ==> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LJ4AYWKQS6CIrSVCk6LYkfL3deY0E2RUas8cYFB882Q/edit?usp=sharing Tobi
  10. Ammika

    Approved Application for House Ladybright ☆

    Click here if you are gay
  11. Margaery_Tyrell

    Completed Ghost Hill - by Margaery Tyrell

    Immersion Project Builders: Margaery Coords: 7242, y , 23636 Ghost Hill Town Proper Research/Inspiration/Plans This thread is intended for transparency and to indicate our plans for the GH town. This was prompted by discussions about Tor-GH terra as I had already had terra in the GH sprawl...
  12. Homiesucc

    Approved House Bolling by Homiesucc

    https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17AvNpBx6n_MUXkgIrGnADUTfBtzlDz-w/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=102804390700404594367&rtpof=true&sd=true Hope this works Going for an update, was a redo at the time of writing but check newer posts by me TESTS NOT FINISHED, WILL BE POSTED HERE WHEN DONE FEEL FREE...
  13. P

    Approved House Goode by Patrick_0901

    Hey there, i will hereby be applying for my first project. House Goode is a small but prominent house of the riverlands, sworn to house Tully. 3 members of the kingsguard have been chosen from this house. Their lands are filled with woods, farms and villages, and also the larger town of...
  14. StanateeManatee

    Approved Sweetport Sound (Foster) by StanateeTheManatee

    Howdy y'all! After careful consideration and research, I have decided to apply to foster Sweetport Sound and the surrounding lands of Houses Sunglass and Rambton, as allowed by Exemption C of the No Redo Rule (Projects in the Orphanage). This has long been one of my favorite builds, and I know...
  15. Ric

    Completed Project Application - Isle of Faces

    Hey everyone! I'm now applying for a redo of the Isle of Faces. You can find my application here. Special thanks for Aek for helping me with the houses and for Emot for the many tips for the forest and caves. :)
  16. Enah

    Approved Project Application: House Melcolm of Old Anchor

    Clicky Hello! This better work, GoogleDocs hates me so much.
  17. Mayflumes

    Abandoned Project Application: House Staunton of Rook's Rest

    Hello everyone, I'm applying for my first project! Thanks to everyone who helped me with the planning process, I can't wait to get started. Note: My 2nd mini, the glassworks at Starpike, is still pending post approval but I wanted to get my plans out there so you awesome people could give me...
  18. Jakethesnake8_8

    Completed Application Thread: House Varner Redo by Jakethesnake

    Greetings moderators! I'd like to apply for my first canon project, the fostering of House Varner. Attached is the application document with the details of the foster.
  19. A

    Approved Project Application: House Crayne by Zsomiking & AlexIsTragic

    Hi, Below you will find the link to our application for House Crayne of the Vale: Click here for the application Thank you for reading!
  20. lemonbear

    Approved Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear

    Hi, all! Let me know if I need to wait a week for this to be considered. I'll happily accept feedback in the meantime. :) ** EDIT: BTW, if any holdfasts, septries, farms, hamlets, etc. grab your attention, feel free to ask to do them! I plan for this project to be server build-ish where...