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  1. Die Wursttheke

    Approved Oldcastle/House Locke Application

    This is my official Application for Oldcastle. Redo Appeal: ================================================================================================ Application...
  2. Antony

    Approved Stepstones Megaproject (Bloodstone, Birdstone, Grey Gallows) by Antony_Justman

    Soo... the time has FINALY come!! A small intro So, before I proceed, I need to state that, I have decided, to call this project a megabuild, more due to its size and also, itself beeing comprised by three islands, if that is, one can say 1 island would equal a project, but since all other...
  3. Nomorefun_

    Approved Project Application: House Pyne

    House Pyne of Cracklawpoint
  4. CashBanks

    Eastwatch Project Thread

    Eastwatch-by-the-Sea Dark Greetings! Now that the Nightfort is getting close to finished, I'm proposing to make a start on Eastwatch under the server build umbrella. Gawain and Eag_inc have done some great tests for the build along with a mini. Since they're both presently occupied I've...
  5. Margaery_Tyrell

    Approved Mega Project: Upper Honeywine (Brightwater Keep, Roxton, Hastwyck) by Margaery Tyrell

    Here is my application: Thank you!
  6. Emoticone11

    Approved Southeastern Vale Megabuild (Wickenden, Ruthermont, Redfort, Runestone/Gulltown Peninsula) by Emoticone11

    AKA another thing to keep me occupied for the next 10 years... This megabuild consists of Wickenden (finished; just minor post-approval updates pending), Ruthermont, Redfort, Runestone, and Gulltown. The city of Gulltown itself will be a separate server build applied for at a later date...
  7. Rexstop15

    Completed Stonedance by Rexstop - Application Thread

    Ok, so after having agreed on the style and inspo for Massey's Hook, here is my application for House Massey of Stonedance: HOUSE MASSEY APP I hope you like it :)
  8. zanji

    Abandoned Project Application: House Ironsmith by Zanji

  9. Jakethesnake8_8

    Approved Bigglestone by Jakethesnake8_8

    Hey there! It's me with another thing to do stuff on the map. Here's my Bigglestone app. Enjoy !
  10. CashBanks

    Wall Castle Renaissance Update Thread

    Dark greetings from the Wall! From the outset of the Nightfort Server Build, one of the core goals of the project was to see the entirety of the Wall finally completed to current server standards. Once and for all. Some of the Wall Castles date back to the earliest days of the Server. So, much...
  11. Ric

    Approved Central Riverlands Megabuild by Ravish, Ric and Scubooty

    Hey everyone! Me, RavishMeRed and Scubooty are applying for a megabuild in the Riverlands, with the intention of redoing the areas of Hogg Hall and Harrentown and finishing Bigglestone, Butterwell, Chambers and Whitewalls. More details can be found in the document. To make it clear, we are NOT...
  12. Tobi

    Approved House Sweet by Tobi

    Hey everyone, This is my application for house sweet in the northern Stormlands. As this is my first application for a canon project im very open for feedback/criticism. Here is the link ==> Tobi
  13. Jeffjunior77

    Approved House Estermont by Jeff

    Hey everyone here is my application for House Estermont of the Stormlands. After Lonmouth is nearly done I want to start a new project in the Stormlands. I Will finish lonmouth before I start any work on Greenstone. On my plot u can find a lot of tests for greenstone but some of them are WIP or...
  14. Ammika

    Approved Application for House Ladybright ☆

    Click here if you are gay
  15. Aino

    Approved Project Application: House Swann by Aino

    Hello, this is my application for House Swann of Stonehelm: Have fun reading :) -Aino
  16. Homiesucc

    Approved House Bolling by Homiesucc Hope this works Going for an update, was a redo at the time of writing but check newer posts by me TESTS NOT FINISHED, WILL BE POSTED HERE WHEN DONE FEEL FREE...
  17. AerioOndos

    Approved Project Application: Darkdell

    House Vyrwel of Darkdell Presented by the illustrious GentleIrongiant, ContraBlonde and AeksioOndos House Vyrwel of Darkdell is one of the principal houses of the Reach, sworn to Highgarden. They are Andals that were given land by the Three Sage Kings during the time of Andal invasion in order...
  18. F

    Approved House Bourney by Flip and Guilix

    Hey everyone Guilix and I have to decided to apply for House Bourney in the Riverlands. Here is the to the application. Feedback is welcome from all, thanks for reading!
  19. DaenerysTargaryenI

    Approved Project Application: House Willum by Daenerys (update/redo)

    Hi guys! I have decided to take House Willum as my first project! Because this is a foster project, I'm happy to be able to update/redo it! Some of the idea's/plans of Maci are still here. I'll insert the link below and if there are any questions or something that I've missed, feel free to ask...
  20. P

    Approved House Goode by Patrick_0901

    Hey there, i will hereby be applying for my first project. House Goode is a small but prominent house of the riverlands, sworn to house Tully. 3 members of the kingsguard have been chosen from this house. Their lands are filled with woods, farms and villages, and also the larger town of...