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This is the last thing I’m choosing to say at the moment about Deerfield Manor. I have increased the functionality in the rooms while also keeping a lot of the original designs.

Starting with the first kitchen, I removed the beam that sits on top of the furnace and instead used that space to include some herbs, a pewter pot of oil, a plate, and a hand towel. The placement of the furniture is the same, but the walls are a different wood, as to not blend in with the furniture. I changed the dining room to an "in-use" room, as requested.

For the summer kitchen, I combined the stove and the bread oven into one structure. While in theory the designs were good, the space did not allow them to look as good as they could have, so I made the choice to remove them. I removed the dated use of a full log (which is a server "no-no"), as well as the long rope with many hanging herbs. I moved the cheese in the summer kitchen (which would get hot and gross) into the dairy storage. I added a table to the summer kitchen, filling the space and allowing better maneuverability when carving the deer carcass. By having the table in there instead of the main house, the hunters are able to get the carcass through the door, which they would've struggled to do in the old carving room.

Not pictured is the new plastering in the upper floors, which was necessary to update due to the addition of new plaster blocks.

Overall, while many aspects of the manor worked well, there were things that felt obsolete and functionally did not make sense. I changed these things both to improve the build logistically and to align it with my own personal style. I have been given a thumbs-up to continue working on the manor in it's current form.
I'd like to thank Star for his faith in my abilities and Aeks for going through the manor and clearing things up together. I appreciate all the work Guillard started.


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Just to state for the record, I did say that Awb could continue making changes to the copy on the production server to address the feedback. That's not an indication that Starcat has made a decision about the mini yet
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After mulling it over for a few days, I believe (hope) I've come up with a compromise agreeable to everyone. Several previous attempts to reach a compromise have failed, so I'm approaching this with the following criteria in mind:
  • Guil has requested that his entire build be removed from the project
  • Awb is open to feedback and has made some changes, but would prefer his interiors remain in place
  • Guil would prefer his old interiors restored and/or to finish the build outright himself
As I've mentioned previously, I am a fan of both interiors as well as the build as a whole and in my opinion they are both excellently done, so I would like to preserve as much as I possibly can from both builders. What I propose is this: to respect Guil's wishes, and since his original manor is already backed up, his build will be removed from the project. In its place, a new manor will be built of a different design, either by me, or someone else who might want to throw their hat in the ring. With approval from both parties, I would like to adapt the interiors they had both done to this new build as well as I possibly can. That way, the build becomes a collaborative effort rather than a conflict. That might be challenging given how a lot of the interiors done by either party serve the same purpose, but I promise the both of you I will accomplish it to the best of my abilities.

If anyone has any objections or feedback, please let me know and I can reevaluate my approach.


i'm fine with this solution !

"With approval from both parties, I would like to adapt the interiors they had both done to this new build as well as I possibly can"
you don't need to go too much into trying to fit mines, create yours and have fun, create ones with new builders. My main problem with the previous phenomenon was that it was creative appropriation from Awb, and as long as this isn't continuing, i'm fine with every possibility.

Really, don't worry too much about fitting any of my approach or what I did. to be honest even, no int awb did were his except the annex ; they were only deformation and modernisation ( from medieval to modern (as in 16th century/17th century interiors)) of the 75% previously finished interiors. so yep, no need to use mines ! excepts if you really liked the original ones, but they might need to be updated ( which doesnt mean redoing as our multiples rules and philosophical takes on redo have shown in previous project and forum conversations )

I hope newer builders will have fun creating and rabbitholing ( is this possible to make this a word ?) into medieval architecture and life as I did !

with regards,
and wishing everyone a happy carnival times, and happy soon to be spring

PS: I forgot to say it before, and it was burried under the conflict aspect of the conversation ; but I want to thank Aeks a lot, for their constant presence, the way they always go deep into worldbuilding, their absolute understanding of medieval forms, and the way they just, wether it's a small build or a entire project, provide us with informations, inspirations, real arguments, well written and precise guide on medieval architecture and life. They nurture us with it, selflessly, and that's very uplifting on all sides, personally, colectively, creatively. and I thought it needed to be said and that it needed to be visibilized

PS2 : edited for it to be more logical and to make sure it sound as good as it needed to be ( being sure some behaviour are called out while not burying the person)
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