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    What's going on with KL? Isn't there just one ship that needs to be done? What's going on with that?
  2. There's also a diagonal building somewhere which needs interiors still. @Nuggets is in charge of docks right now, but he's been quite busy IRL with work.

    If you're interested in helping finish it once and for all, I'm sure Nuggs will have no problem with it :)
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    It's to remind certain people that they still have to finish it :p
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  4. So I know I'm just a No-Build but I was looking at the project list available for Dorne and realized there was nothing on the Stepstones so I did a little research and found a place called Torturers Deep, a pirates town with a pirate lord. I think this should be added because of 1. I think someone would have a lot of fun building anything pirate related, 2. It allows for the existence of pirates in the world which I haven't seen too much of and 3. It puts something on the barren islands of the Stepstones. Again, I know I am just a No-build but I just wanted to point it out.

    Here are some Wiki pages about it.'s_Deep
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  5. Hey don't put yourself for being a "no build" please. Thanks for letting us know!
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  6. You're welcome :)
  7. Removed wyndhall from the map, since we found some WE errors there, and the build was super old and ugly.
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    Wyndhall was indeed fugly as hell. Its quite a shame that we have such a long stretch of the coast east of Yarwyck that is completely devoid of any and all features.
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  9. There's also the island of Bloodstone where a Targaryen founded his own little pirate kingdom on that island. We even got a warp for it
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    The pirate lord is only in books after the Crown of Kings. The pirate lord is Cersei's former Master of Ships/Grand Admiral, Aurane Waters, who takes the newly made fleet after she is imprisoned by the Sparrows. So he would not be present. Still, the place exists.
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    I was discussing with Marg and Iwan about the Houses along Ironman's Bay, or more specifically the Houses east of Banefort namely: Yarwyck, Wyndhall, Doggett, Bettley and Perryn.
    • The main issue I feel is this short portion of shoreline has too many Houses along it such that each would have only a tiny portion of lands. Is it too clustered?
    • Note all these houses are of noble status, none are landed knights. It's difficult to judge each one's wealth, but their lands would not be that small.
    • I notice Yarwyck and Perryn have both dragged streams from the mountains to the south. I find it unlikely that all these Houses would have fresh water sources.
    • Due to the proximity to the Iron Islands, these lands would have been constantly raided. These raids most possibly stopped after 290 AC when the Greyjoy Rebellion ended.
    • Our timeline ends in 298-ish so at most, so the Houses had 9 years to rebuild after the raids. I wonder what their state would be, especially along the coast.
    Note: Perryn has 2 locations. /perryn on the northwest shore of God's Eye. /perrynkeep is just northeast of Bettley's lands on the shore; there is a castle built here and some other buildings. Doing some digging, this is the proposed location for House Perryn according to this thread:

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    I don't think those lands are tiny at all. They are not bound by the shoreline; they have a good portion of the hills and mountains that make up the border with the Riverlands.
    I think 9 years is long enough to repair all the important stuff, such as homes and infrastructure. At most there would be some abandoned holdfasts or castle damage that has not (yet) been repaired after the war. Since the conquest, new constructions along the coast would be less focussed on defence since the Iron Islands cannot raid the kingdom.
    Both locations should have a Riverlands house, since most maps indicate the area claimed by /warp perrynkeep to be part of the Riverlands. Maybe we could replace one with a house from Fire & Blood or the Telltale game.
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    I think Marge was referring to Daemon Targaryen, who styled himself King of the Stepstones and the Narrow Sea during the Dance of the Dragons.
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    Yes, but Marg herself was referring to a post from Knights of Ikke who linked the wiki post on Torturer's Deep. Aurane Waters sets himself up there in FfC or DwD so it would not have three large Dromonds.
  15. It would likely have some Lyseni dromonds to patrol against pirates from the Iron Islands, Dorne and the Stepstones themselves.
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  16. There was already an established pirate town before Aurane waters, it just wasn't ruled by waters until book 5.
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