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House Justman and Teague are both extinct; I think it's weird to give such large amount of land to towns, who really wouldn't hold lands except in their close vincinity. Also, major houses (Blackwood, Bracken, etc.) should be awarded more land than minor houses (Harroway, Goodbrook). Your plan is like communist Riverlands with everyone having pretty much the same amount of land. :(
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Blackwood has a shit ton of land, and would have vassals, same goes for Bracken. I'm drawing up a "vassalage" system too for the major houses
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I realise they're extinct also, just in particular around the god's eye there's so much room that we just don't have the houses for.


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Also bare in mind this is all based off our current projects that have pretty arbitrary borders, leading to the many areas of empty undeveloped land for no reason.
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Waz is right, with all the finished projects it is impossible to make a proper land division, and why would we? Does it really matter what the size of the projects are compared to the size of the demesne of the noble house the project is named after? The way I see it, when you're building a project named, for example, Fairmarket, not everything part of that project is under control of Fairmarket. Same goes for Darry, Bracken, Butterwell and all the other houses. The point is to fill the empty space by making interesting projects, not to assign land to houses for the MMO.


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So I’ve encountered a problem. House Smallwood of Acorn hall is canonically a vassal of Wayfarers Rest, but they’re super far away from there and in fact close to the Vances in atranta.


Shouldn't we move this discussion to another thread? to keep this one only for the list of projects (available, in progress, abandoned, etc)
It'd give more space to discuss about the projects of Riverlands on another thread :)
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As we're organising a mapping out houses the percentage will vary. We just finished adding in all extra unplaced houses and It dropped, we're now going through the process of culling minor builds that can be assigned to a House.


Good morning gentlemen/gentlewomen.

I'd like to put forward the switching of Atranta and Wayfarer's Rest. Both of these builds lack canon location (as in, neither castles are on any official maps), but canon seems imho to support what I'm proposing. Here's why:

1/ Lord Vance of Wayfarer's Rest was, along with Lord Piper, put in charge by Edmure Tully in book 1 of defending the pass of the Golden Tooth (A Game of Thrones, Chapter 40, Catelyn VII). This strongly indicates that the lands of Wayfarer's Rest should at least be in the vincinity of the border with the Westerlands, as it would make no real strategic sense to put the lord in charge if his lands are closer to the Crownlands' borders. Lord Vance is at the pass when Clegane starts doing his usual shit.
2/ The Vance of Wayfarer's Rest are the overlords of the Smallwood of Acorn Hall (A Storm of Swords, Chapter 22, Arya IV). Putting Wayfarer's Rest where Atranta currently is would make it closer to their vassal, and make it more realistic for the Smallwood to seek the protection of the Vance.
3/ Lord Karyl Vance of Wayfarer's Rest is the one in charge of defending the fords north of Riverrun (A Clash of Kings, Chapter 45, Catelyn VI). With him returning to his castle earlier in the book to defend it (A Clash of Kings, Chapter 7, Catelyn I), again the current position of Atranta fits better.
4/ After the battle of Oxcross (in the Westerlands), the noble captives are sent to Wayfarer's to be kept there (A Storm of Swords, Appendix). Yet again, it makes for sense if Wayfarer's is where Atranta currently is, close to the Westerlands' borders.
5/ There is no official location for Atranta, thus meaning there is no argument in favor of it being situated near the border of the Westerlands.

As such, I suggest we simply swap the warps and positions.


Lord Paramount of The Riverlands

Nunn's deep - assigned to Payne lands.
Pendric hills - assigned to Kyndall lands.
Oxcross - assigned to Lannett lands.


Brindlewood - assigned to Cargyll lands.
The Whispers - assigned to Crabb lands.
Barbel point - assigned to Bywater lands.
Hightide - assigned to Velayeron lands.
Ivy Inn - assigned to Gaunt lands.

Old stone bridge inn - assigned to Rosby lands.
Tally Hill - assigned to Sunglass lands.
Briarwhite - assigned to new project (Still to be placed as a warp)


Stonyshore - assigned to Fisher lands.
Blindlord's tower - assigned to new project (still to be placed as a warp)
Crofter's village - assigned to Stark of Winterfell.
Fishing village - assigned to Fisher lands.
Tumbledown tower - assigned to Stark of Winterfell.
Winterfell HF NEWS (yeah i dunno wtf that was) - assigned to Stark of Winterfell.
Runny mudd - assigned to new project (Still to be placed as a warp)


Dunstonbury - assigned to Dunn lands.
Ryamsport - assigned to Redwyne lands.
Dosk - assigned to new project (still to be placed as a warp)
Horseshoe rock - assigned to Redwyne lands.
Isle of pigs - assigned to Redwyne lands.
Mermaids palace - assigned to Redwyne lands.
Nunny - assigned to Osgrey of Standfast
Stonecrab cay - assigned to Redwyne lands.
Bastard's cradle - assigned to Redwyne lands.


Hogghall - assigned to Wode lands.


Shady Glen - assigned to Toyne lands.



I have made a document with all the unfinished projects in the available projects list, with an indication of the size of the project, the locations that should at least be at it, the wealth of the ruler and any additional information that might help with choosing a project. This document is not a complete overview of all canon and information, but is merely to be used to find a project that interests you.

I have excluded the following projects:
  • House Kettleblack, because the Kettleblacks are in service of the pisspoor excuse of a lord Petyr Baelish, and there is no seat noted that belongs to the house. They also act like peasants.
  • House Suggs, because Clayton Suggs is a lowborn peasant from Flea Bottom.
  • House Slynt, because Janos Slynt is lowborn.
  • Skagos, because it’s a large island with 3 projects on it.
  • Breakstone Hill, let’s just include it into house Flint of the Northern Mountains.
  • House Cassel, because it doesn’t seem like they have a seat, since they are buried at Winterfell and all known Cassels live at Winterfell.
  • House Towers of Harrenhal, because the founder was a knight that was granted Harrenhal after a melee, and it seems that prior to that event he was unlanded.
  • House Qoherys of Harrenhal, because the founder was the master-at-arms of Dragonstone and I'm having a hard time to believe they would have had holdings there. House Qoherys ended when Harren the Red rebelled and killed all it's members (which is a single person).
  • House Harroway of Harrenhal, because the founder of the house probably hails from Lord Harroway's Town, which would be the remaining holding after the house was wiped out by King Maegor at the behest of Queen Tanna in 44 AC. It's also canon that every Harroway the king could find was executed, including any residing in King's Landing, Lord Harroway's Town and Harrenhal.
  • House Lothston of Harrenhal, because the founder of the house was the master-at-arms of the Red Keep, implying that they had no substantial lands prior to gaining Harrenhal. They fell at odds with the Targaryens and were removed from power with the help of their vassal house Whent, which took over the lordship. Due to their relations with those in power, I think it's fair to assume they have been stripped from all titles.
  • House Shell of the Fingers, because their holdings were made of wood and were burned by the Andals. Nothing would be left by now.
  • Witch Isle, because Ben seems to be working on it.
  • Darklyn cadet branches, because they are part of Duskendale.
  • Lannister cadet branches, because they are part of Lannisport.
  • Hightower, because it’s part of Oldtown.
Other changes:
  • Corrected Barbennon to Bar Emmon.
  • Corrected Macy to Massey.
  • Included Wildling villages in most projects North of the Wall, since those exist and should be represented. These villages mostly look the same according to Sam, so it’s fair to assume they all are situated around a weirwood, have unmortared stone houses with sod roofs and sometimes have a long hall (read Sam's desctiption of them).
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