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What if the settlements in the gift were minis? When i was done with probation there where no minis around waiting to be done, some new builders might in the future have the same problem. So my idea is kinda like Stoops "non-projekt". Having the gift as one server kinda projekt but instead of having some builders or mods plan the whole thing out just open the up a bunch of minis. The lands themselfs would be planned out before hand ofc where the hamlets and hfs go etc. All the minis follow a house style made by whomever leads the gift. I think this way would be a great place for ppl to go to find minis and get the xp they need to maybe make a projekt themselvs one day.
A problem with this would be that a lot of ppl (or no ppl?) dont have WE when they do their first mini. So stuff like terraforming should be done by one who knows how, but who should that be?
Another problem is that a lot of the settlements (especially in brandon's gift i think) are ruined and therefore are not a traditional mini, that a new builder might want to do first.


Cersei's Left Bob
They still need an experienced supervisor that knows how to work with snow and has done research for these settlements, so it'd turn out to be a project like any else.