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The list of available projects is now the Wiki and our Progress page.

Please comment in this thread with any suggestions for changes, or requests for updates to project status etc.
To submit a wiki article, please follow the Wiki Submissions Guide.

Below is the original post for this thread, containing the former projects list.

wazgamer said:
This thread contains an updated document on the servers projects and overall progress.

Please only post here if you notice an inconsistency in the document e.g a build isn't on it, a build is marked as completed but isn't, your project has been approved/post-approved but hasn't been moved to IP/C.

N = Not Built
IP = In Progress
C = Completed
E = Build that requires a little more experience
SB/red text = Server Build
O = Orphaned
F = potential foster projects (you can still apply for these regularly though)

Direct Link (old)
Direct Link (new)
Stoop's list of descriptions

Thanks <3 - waz + ot who sends a golden heart
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Oldflowers is technically IP, as castle and parts of lands are still there.
Stokeford is IP, also removed part of the lands and the village at /warp aberdale, I think it was the same project.
Same for Norcross, in that case it's Not Built, as everything was removed.
Though, all those projects will have to wait for the Mander redo before being opened.
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I'll change them all to not built/orphaned as more stuff may be deleted from them in the future.


F refers to 'Potential Foster' which I can only assume might relate to the current Foster projects that are currently being worked on in teams. As for the N that means 'Not Built'. So, PotentialFoster/NotBuilt! (You can also refer to the key given at the top of this page)
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House Wydman by Bollid has been moved to orphaned, due to his abdication from the project. The project should now be open to re-application.


Just gonna say, if we finish all of the North Beyond the Wall, we only reach 63%- 64% completion (7 more Projects)
The Wall - 63-64% completion - 7 more
The North - 66% Completion - 18 more
Riverlands - 68% - 26 more
Vale - 64% - 9 more
Crownlands - 68% - 28 more
Iron Islands - 62% - 1 more
Westerlands - 67% - 23 more
Reach - 72% - 47 more
Stormlands - 64% - 8 more
Dorne - 64% - 8 more

We have 128 projects left. We have been stuck at 62% since I joined a year and half ago. Actually we hit 63% and have returned back to 62%. If we move down two more projects to an N or O, we will see a true regression in progress and hit 61%. Not only is it bad enough we have seen a literal 0 increase in progress since I've joined, but to see us go below that. It takes around 6 projects to get a new percentage. Projects have gone slow, we maybe see around 20 being completed a year (That may even be generous...), thus by the end of 2018 we MAY reach 66%.

Some projects are certainly smaller than a lot of other projects such as the Wall; some are Foster Projects. Though I won't ever condone the idea of deleting or updating outdated projects etc, but it is halting the very, very little progress we've seen. Some of us go slow on projects, though I don't wanna tell people to rush it them or to not make sure they're happy with them, but we also need to figure out how to prevent projects from running on 2-3 years... I'm not calling out anyone, seriously, Falwell is still not technically "approved" since I just haven't done the wiki... but I'm working on Lolliston with Waz and doing much work on foster projects. It is understood some of us are sidetracked by other projects such as OT, WH, KL and RK but, what I'm trying to do here is find to ways to help push us from 20 projects a year to more like 30-40 projects a year. I also want builders a like to know where the server is heading and be conscious of that moving forward in pushing this all out. Every redo you do, every delete you do is all dandy, but just keep this post in mind that those can really slow us down.
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Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
The North:
Wull - Moved from not complete to in progress.

The Riverlands:
Perryn - Changed from a Westerlands project, to a Riverlands. Currently listed as orphaned/not complete.
Keath - Moved from not complete to in progress.
Deddings - Moved from not complete to in progress.

The Vale:
Old Anchor - moved from foster project/ not complete to in progress.
Witch Isle - moved from not complete to in progress.

The Westerlands:
Broom - moved from not complete to in progress.

The Crownlands:
Edgerton - moved from in progress to complete. (pending post approval changes)
Rollingford - moved from not complete to in progress. (Andy is currently on holiday)
Cressey - moved from in progress to complete.

The Stormlands:
Bolling - moved from not complete to in progress.

The Reach:
Rousemont - added to the list as in progress.
Starpike - moved from not complete to in progress.
Conklyn - moved from not complete to in progress.

This currently puts us at 61% I'm not entirely sure how the algorithm works, however i must say that a lot of projects are now in progress by active builders, so the only way is up!
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