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  1. Updated with a few projects being shifted to orphans and some requesting updates. If there are any you see that needs to be shifted that I missed please post here. I have other plans for this list, such as creating one that doesn't judge our progress by the number of projects done but by the scale of the projects ranging between 1-5 points. IE 5 = KL to 1 the petty size of Hetherspoon. Aswell there may a be page that indicates clearly the requirements of each project if one was interested. IE Listing out mini builds that will fall underneath its category, and listing the projects from difficulty as to allow builders to select by their desire of how much they wish to undertake work.
  2. Here is the start of a new project completion list. This list is intended to gain a better estimation of our completion. To do this, I established a scale to award each location for its size and significance. The scale is 1-6 and each level is determined by a number of factors but here they are with ambiguity:

    6 = Major Location with large lands. Best example: Kingslanding
    5 = Major locations with moderate lands or, known locations with large towns/city Best Examples: BitterBridge, StoneySept
    4 = Fair undertaking of lands and well-known locations. Best example: Dreadfort and Fairmarket
    3. Reasonable size project in general. Could be a well-known castle as well but the size is pretty small Best examples: Eyrie, Wickenden
    2. Relatively unknown locations, few small hamlets and would be an easy undertaking. Best examples: Falwell, Cressey, Vypren.
    1. Very small and unknown/not mentioned enough to justify higher points. Examples: Heatherspoon, most Wall Castles

    As well, the complexity of the project is taken into consideration. Such as Greywater Watch is more complex due to its water migration.
    In general: Locations heavy in Canon = More Points
    Large lands and higher populations = More Points
    More complex/Difficult = More Points

    What are not awarded points
    Years to complete
    The beauty/success of the project
    The complexity/difficulty the builder gives the project, least very little. Such as if the builder decides to make massive forest and cliff around the water more point will not be awarded. HOWEVER, size and population —canonical or not — will affect the grading system. So if the builder decides to build a walled town and increase the overall population of Westeros I believe they should earn more.

    Points are also awarded to projects in progress. 1/2 the total rewarded if they were completed.

    This being said. I need help.
    Choosing where these houses to go will take some time but GUESS WHAT!? YOU CAN HELP! *Audience Gasp* I have a few I immediately knew where I'd like to put. Many others I have an idea but want to double check. However, if everyone could assist, I need help deciding where to put all the rest. So, if you have an idea, please go ahead and post below! OR, if you disagree with me please let me know as my arrangements are not final. To help please post in this thread.

    NOTE: Unbuilt Locations with little canon will be assumed to be level 2 until someone takes it up and suggests to otherwise. It is assumed that due to lack of canon there wouldn't be large towns built in these locations and that our current project average — 3 hamlets with a Smallish castle, fields, and forests — would instead apply. It should be that unless justified or known otherwise each project should aim to be at least level 2. Projects at level 1 should only be out of date, and/or canonically just a few structures and some land work.


    Here new project completion list, Ot need help. Please help Ot. Thank.

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  3. Love the proposition! I'll try to give a look if I have some free time for this soon :)

    The link doesn't work btw (for me at least)
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    I love the idea, too! I'd be happy to help.
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  5. This is an editable document! PLEASE Note your changes in bright red. This NOT the official document I have and is therefore not the one to refer to when looking at the progress! To access the document please open the spoiler and Delete the word DELETE (It wanted to automatically turn into media and therefore an inaccessible link)

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    I had made a similar list last year which can be found here, as well as in the first post in this thread.
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    Otty i see you have put down both the three houses of Magnar, Crowl and Stane as level 2 projekts in the north (Not complete), and The island of Skagos as a level 5 (Not complete). The three houses all reside on Skagos, so you might wanna remove Skagos from the list and just keep the houses of Skagos on the list.
  8. Renamed to Skane and lowered to a level 4 as a ruined location but with property of an entire island