In Progress Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear


Walter_the_III : Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, that area of the Hornvale valley isn't ready for apps as I haven't fully plotted or planned it yet. I do have other special builds (and a ton of minis!) available for apps, though!
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Announcing a new mini! This time it's a gold mine in Hornvale lands (/warp hvmine). The original mine is currently in place. At the very minimum, it needs a significant makeover, but you can also propose something different.

I'm also looking for people interested in finishing the Hornvale castle. Zsomi provided a beautiful castle, but it's currently a shell. I'd love help with interior layouts, furnishing, etc.

Current available minis:

/warp sffarm4 - A farm complex that raises sheep, has a sheepfold, and uses the pastures on the opposite side of the road. They also take their herds to some of the high mountain pastures for grazing (

/warp sflogging - A logging camp with accompanying lumber mill. The camp is located right at the edge of a pretty big forest, and they sell wood and logs in the nearby communities and to the septry.

/warp hvlogging - A logging camp with accompanying lumber mill. They practice selective logging and supply lumber throughout Hornvale lands. The camp should have permanent (or at least long term) structures/buildings rather than tents.

/warp hvfarm1 - A farm complex that produces a lot of agriculture. Primarily wheat, barley, and oats, but they also have other smaller crops.

/warp hvfarm2 - A flax farm. You have the freedom to plan that side of the river if you want.

/warp hvfarm3 - A farm complex that primarily produces wool, but also does some general agriculture.

/warp hvfarm4 - A farm complex that produces forest glass (

/warp hvham1 - A farming hamlet. 6-7 houses.

**NEW** /warp hvham2 - A herding hamlet near a waterfall.

/warp hvseptry - A septry inspired by the Chiesa di Santa Maria del Castello in Giornico. Think terraces.

**NEW** /warp hvmine - A gold mine.

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Hey Lem!

Wanted to let you know that I am relinquishing the SF Septry back to you. It no longer brings me joy and it's not fair for me to sit on a build for months on end when other builders may want to build there. I took the liberty of removing what I had and filling in the terra as best I could.

Peace and love!


Street Preacher
Applying for the old crone's home near hvham1.

Overall, it looks good! I left just a few small melons, but consider it approved!
Unfortunately, I believe Finn has decided to leave the server so he may have removed his tests.

at least he is inactive.
Actually, I went by his plot today and it is still there. his warp is /warp finn01 , maybe that's why you had trouble finding it? Anyways I hope he comes back his Slate tests and app looks great and I hope he does it :|
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