Approved House Bourney by Flip and Guilix


Donkey Lord
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Hi Guilix and Flip,

Sorry for the lack of movement on this app! I've been looking a bit more into this application and the earlier approved application for Bourney by bobbycatfisher.

I'd like to see a more detailed map that potentially includes the vague plotting ideas for the settlements, like how Bobby has done the blue lines along roads. Also, I like how bobby has illustrated crossroads on their map as well.
It would be good to include more regular field plotting, fewer rounded or orb like field and pasture layouts.

I'd also suggest there to be no shifting of Spike's horsebreeder, particularly to an area of steeper terrain. Middleton, in my opinion, wouldn't suffer from having a horse breeder nearby and bobbys idea to have more pastures around the complex would work very nicely and would create an interesting progression from bellsbridge to middleton of rural settlement, field and pasture and back to rural settlement again. Instead, have middleton partly into the forest north west of Peasedale. The red borders aren't the be-all, more like guidelines. As mentioned on the bobby thread, what would be great to include is silvopasture! This would blend well with the forest around it and you could create interesting rings.

I also don't think there is a point of having a road head up into the corner of bushy. Bushy is already accessed through peasedale, which helps create a sense of greater distance between Stoney Sept and the reach, which enables Tumbler's Falls to become a logical meeting point for Tywin and Mace later in the series. Otherwise they'd just head up to peasedale or SS.

Also another thing to point out is that the threepennywood that you've marked as being your test for the forests features quite tall tree schems, which will comparatively make the rest of the project's buildings feel small. I'd suggest using a lower amount of trees close to the blackwater and then increase tree cover towards the heads of the streams in the hills. I'd also suggest looking into including a western project segment of mostly forest and interesting forest details like potentially a rebel camp, badger setts or dens, old first men structures closer to the hills.

Also echoing Emot's statements on the bobby app, having the castle fall into disrepair after being quite grand would be very cool. I've yet to check out the tests again but I'd love for them to have that sense that while they were once powerful, they now spend most of their income on maintenance of the castle.
Though considering Bourney is not listed as an extinct house, there probably has been some continuity in the line.


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Hey Guil/Flip
I think the app is very promising. As we have discussed there isn't much in the way of the war affecting the area, but I really like your idea that Bourney is kind of a "controversial" house, and that they rule by fear (as only the greatest cowards do). I would love to see that somehow reflected more greatly in the eventual build. Maybe the area is especially poor or suffers from infighting?

Another idea I had was that due to Hollow Hill and the Brotherhood without Banners is located nearby, maybe they have raided Bourney lands, Robin Hood style? You could have some heads on spikes along the south western border as warning to the rebel, lookout towers, etc. We are firmly in the time when this group is active, about 3 months after the battle of Mummer's Ford where Berid Dondarrion is first revived, and about two months after Tywin is informed of the BwB raiding Lannister supply lines. Obviously most of this detail should come with a Hollow Hill project, but it would be cool to add some details in neighbouring Bourney to reflect current events. Public executions etc. Basically, just make it a real shithole ;)

Also just to note that the lands to the west, with the really long project borders, are House Vance of Wayfarer's Rest, who in my headcanon rule over Stoney Sept, and Bourney may have become their vassal after the event of the Dance of the Dragons, but that is all speculation. I don't know how this would manifest in the build, but just an FYI.

Other than that, I think your tests are good, and are in keeping with the precedent set by Stoney Sept.

Approved from me!
Just let me know before you open plotted areas for building for a final check.


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Hey Flip and Guilix!

As Dutch said this is a very promising app! I second Dutchs idea of representing the Brotherhood without Banners in your lands, though being careful to not overdo their presence (they aren't really a huge group iirc, and their main presence should be in the Hollow Hill project area, like Dutch said). That being said you could have a small camp hidden inside one of the forests, but that's just an idea.

I also encourage you two to learn some of the terra yourselves while working in the project. I can help with what I know too.

So, you have my approval, with the same conditions as Dutch. Go ahead and build! :)