Abandoned Project Application: House Staunton of Rook's Rest


Hello everyone, I'm applying for my first project! Thanks to everyone who helped me with the planning process, I can't wait to get started.

Note: My 2nd mini, the glassworks at Starpike, is still pending post approval but I wanted to get my plans out there so you awesome people could give me some feedback.

If you want to give my plans a look click here!


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Here's some feedback from me for what it's worth:

- I would personally cut Cave #4 and keep all the caves closer together under the same range of hills.
- Go easy on that "impact crater", I'm not sure how much evidence would remain apparent 150 years later. A cool idea though.
- I love that you are including areas for harvesting peat and mining bog iron. Spot on.

House Tests
- I think your gable ends should be fully stone, structurally it makes little sense to switch to wood halfway up.
- I'm not sure what you are trying to show with the wattle fence on the exterior
- I actually like the log cabin houses, but I think the jerkinhead shaped roof doesn't work because it's so small.

Castle Test
- I love the keep, and it looks like you've added some charring to the castle layout, which is great.
- It would be great if you raised the keep onto a hill, as is common with motte-and-bailey layouts. That's what it looks like the layout is going for anyway, and it would make sense considering the topography.

- It looks like your map already reflects this, but be sure you don't make bogs above cave systems, I don't think bogs form on karst topography.


Thanks for the kind words and the feedback Dutch, heres explanations for some of your points

- Cave #4 borders House Cave, which I imagine is known for caves, and I think theres a few in the abandoned project, but i wasn't able to find Ikkes plans for the area tbh

- Its a common style on the server to have stone foundations then wooden or timber frame walls, but for the house with 2 high stone I'll change it to just one.

- The wattle fences are representing a bracing for crumbling daub

-You always know the best technical terms, i didn't quite like how the roof looked with normal stair roofs so i tried that out, I'm not attached to it in the slightest

- Bogs do form on Karst topography, peat bogs form in karst depressions and in the alpine and Arctic regions theres whole areas called Thermokarst which are essentially bogs. Keeping that in mind I wouldn't want to have bogs on top of the caves regardless.

Thanks again for the feedback Dutch :D


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Hey May, great work with the app! I'm loving all the thorough research you've put into bog & karst landscapes, and the associated industries.

You have my approval. Let me know when you plot out the town though so I can take a look. Please knock the terraforming out of the park!


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I can help with any parts with this project if required.
I would like to be part of the planning due to having the largest border with Rooks rest, also due to cannon it could conclude with house cave lands that borders to the north and west. as the caves are part of the cannon of rooks rest lands.
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