Approved Project Application: House Crayne by Zsomiking & AlexIsTragic


I love the original house design, however, I think the roof overhang on some of them do not translate as well into Minecraft as they become topheavy. I like the homes on the far left where the overhang is flush with the walls and the upper floor instead overhangs

I also feel like there is a lot of information going on with the homes. They work more as separate homes far apart then as towns/villages Most of the inspiration shows them as homesteads rather than being in a close village. I would maybe create a variation of the home that has less information present and is more simplified that translates better into a village house.

By information I mean this:
Some of your homes have all this

2-3 kinds of wood
connected storage
and a dugout entrace.

Like that's a lot for one home.
Refine them. The homes on the far left are my favorite. I believe in you to be able to make smaller versions of that style where there isn't an intense amount of "uniqueness" to it. "Keep it simple, stupid" is a design phrase I think you need here or what we refer to as "KISS."


I'll look through this in more detail when I have a bit more time (looks very nice from a first glance!), but real quick, where exactly is House Crayne on the larger map? I couldn't seem to glean this information easily from the app, though maybe I missed something.

I don't have access to a laptop at the moment so it's a bit hard to explain visually, but the valley is bordered to the north by Corbray lands and to the east by Waynwood lands.The closest warps to the eastern and northern border respectively are Oakberry and HHhamlet2. If necessary I can cobble up a territorial map later today for more clarity.

Edit: Zso made a map explaining it betterKépkivágásztztz.PNG


I'd recommend carving the stream/watershed out to connect with Ironoaks. Endoheric basins are not particularly common and the resulting lake would be salty and unsuitable for agriculture.
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I'd recommend carving the stream/watershed out to connect with Ironoaks. Endoheric basins are not particularly common and the resulting lake would be salty and unsuitable for agriculture.

Very good point Kul!
We insist on keeping the lake for its essential role in the landscape.
The whole valley is like a big funnel, multiple small creeks coming down from mountains and coalescing in the bottom of the valley, forming a lake but maybe we can make a small stream which functions as a drainage of the overflowing surplus. So the two lakes, the one in Crayne lands and the another one around Ironoaks would be connected.



I would honestly open the valley up more. The house styles and their rooves are fine for the bigger buildings but look bad on the smaller ones, and ot's def right about them being farmhouses. Villages tended to have more traditional styles, though some very rural swiss ones did keep that chalet look.


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Okay I took a look at the app. Everything looks great! I don't really have any major concerns with anything.

Regarding the houses, I do sort of agree with Otty that the chalet-style houses have a lot going on, especially the three with daub & wattle. They look nice if you're using them for individual farmsteads, but for houses in villages/hamlets you're probably going to want something a bit simpler. I don't necessarily have a problem with the overhangs though.

Anyways, you have my approval! When you get to the point of terraforming the mountains, I'm happy to give some tips.


So I have an announcement regarding the state of this project. As some of you may have noticed, progress on the project has halted a lot right after the start. This was mostly because Zso was on a hiatus and I didn’t really want to continue it without him. In light of that I have some unfortunate news to share. Recently Zso has shared with me that he plans on permanently leaving the server, or at least not coming back anytime soon. I won’t disclose why because of personal reasons, and I want to make clear that there’s no judgement from my part for his decision. However, I would like to announce that I’m planning on abandoning this project. I have realized that I don’t enjoy working on this project without him, and that I would just be putting off the inevitable by continuing it. I also don’t feel like I’m ready to undertake this project any further, since this whole situation was quite unforeseen for me and I wasn’t prepared to do it entirely alone.


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Hey Alex. If you want this is still a huge area in terms of terraforming. If you were fine with it, it would be a good spot to try and teach/let people practice making mountain terrain.
Not sure if that’s an okay use of an abandoned project but just an idea.


Hi hi,

So I've had a sudden surge of inspiration to pick up Crayne again. I'd like for the general plans and castle to stay the same, as I think they were honestly pretty solid for the most part. For more details on the project, see the original app. What however will change is the (house) style. I've been tinkering with a style that I think better represents what me and Zsomi were initially going for. Pictures of the tests and the inspiration behind them are listed below.

Tests (also present in-game at /warp Alex2)






I was largely inspired to pick Crayne back up because of all the recent buzz surounding the Vale. I've also had more experience along the way with several other projects, so I feel more comfortable taking charge of it. I'm a little more familiar with more basic terra now, though I'd still need help with mountain terra.
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