Nightfort Server Build - Available Projects, Mini Applications and Updates.


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Dark greetings from the Wall!

As covered in the Nightfort Project Document and Status thread, the Server Build will include four separate parts:
  1. Completion of the Nightfort;
  2. Completion of Eastwatch, Long Barrow and Rimegate;
  3. Updating completed Wall Castles; and
  4. Populating the Gift with immersion builds.
We'll be updating this thread to flag the Available Projects, Mini Applications and Updates that are currently open for expressions of interest and applications.

9 March 2021

1. Nightfort Mini-Apps

- Testing for the Nightfort is heartily encouraged at /warp nftest . Try out your ideas for the stables swallowed by trees, the ruined octagonal kitchen and any and all buildings and areas covered in the Project Doc.
- The Nightfort itself is still in very early stages. Once the layout is relatively locked in I'll update this thread and the dynmap letting you know what's available to apply for, e.g. "Apps are now open for the Nightfort Kitchens".
- FYI I don't expect you'll have to write a full forum post for these castle mini-apps or anything, we'll just ask you to build a concept on your plot (hold off on finishing the test though, we'll be prioritizing soundness over state of completion). Collaboration encouraged!

2. Eastwatch and Rimegate
- Applications are (still) open!
- The beauty of Server Builds is that you can apply for these like a regular project and it's not an issue if you're currently working on your project separately.
- See the Project Doc for some general info on Eastwatch and Rimegate.
- Auscarbone has confirmed they're still interested in completing Long Barrow, so stay tuned for more news on progress there.

3. Updating completed Wall Castles
- Anyone interested in updating the completed Wall Castles are encouraged to test out ideas for showing snow covered ruins at /warp nftest .
- I'd love something like a catalogue showroom of ways to build dilapidated frozen Nights Watch castles so we have a consistent and comprehensive toolbox to work with when updating them.
- In the meantime Veggie Knight_Krawler JohanKR850 jmcmarq Lyliana Birdman7 NickShaib @Barkus Ramen Steineke jMp007 jakeyquack IMajic Endymion carci mdmeaux get in here and claim your right of first refusal to update your respective Wall castles.
- The chance to call first dibs to update your castle will probably expire after April.
- The original builders of Woodswatch, Stonedoor and Deeplake (Barkus, herm1456 and Rickard Karstark) don't appear to have forum accounts so these might be the first castles to become available (assuming the OG builders can't be summoned RIP).

4. Populating the Gift with Immersion Builds
- Applications and expressions of interest are open for open for immersion builds around the Gift.
- See the Project Doc for some general info on
- I don't want to be prescriptive as it's totally up to your imagination what these immersion builds might feature. Take a look at Johan's Gift immersion build for inspiration and the Project Doc for some more general info on the area.



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Dark greetings from the Wall!

I've been swamped by work in the last month, but steady progress has been made on the Nightfort.
2021-06-28_20.48.41 2.png

Though we're still eagerly awaiting the next block update for the new northern cobble stairs/walls/slabs option it will bring, I think I'm happy enough with the current look and feel of the parts that have been worked on to start opening up some areas for mini-apps.

Keep in mind that nothing is locked in yet, particularly the block mix given it will need to be updated once we get the new blocks.

But before getting to the Mini-Apps, it's time to start laying some Sentinels to rest!

The Seventy-Nine Sentinels

At the top of the Wall above the NF, preparations have been made to bury the fabled Seventy-Nine Sentinels (Nights Watch deserters entombed in ice standing eternal watch atop the Wall). The Watch demands volunteers to assist with burying all these armor stands. You'll find instructions when you get there.


Mini-App Instructions.
In this thread I'll list the areas of the project available for mini-app as they are opened up for applications. If you would like to apply, please create a test either on your plot or at /warp nftest. When you're ready for feedback, leave a note on its area at the NF and make a post here on this thread.

You will find prelim style guides at /warp nightfort, take note of the difference in the different block mix for ancient vs more recent structures.

The key thing I'd suggest to keep in mind is that the Nightfort is ancient. Maybe even 8,000 years ancient. This thing is twice as old as the Pyramids. Sure it's been occupied until relatively recently in its lifespan, but this place could have been built, destroyed and rebuilt dozens and dozens of times. Nothing should be straightforward to it. Every building should look like it was built on the bones of something that came before, either repurposing it or just cannibalising it for stone or foundations. This means different styles, clashing styles, inexplicable stone walls, arches and other structures that we can only guess they're original purpose.

Mini-App 1: Stables
- “There were trees growing where the stables had been.”
- The south west corner of the castle has been reserved for the stables area. It's reasonable to guess they might have had another stable or stables with a nearby Gift village and its larger pastures, and they just kept some at the castle for rangings/travel, and rotated them out when needed. So the stables don't need to be huge, but you can use the space as you think looks best.
- Feel free to ignore the current plotting within the area marked with the yellow/black outline. I tried out the curved shape but not really satisfied with it, so definitely see if you can come up with something better.
- Bran's comment indicates that the stable area has been just taken over by trees, so the building outlines might still be visible but they will be gutted by trees growing up through them. Though they're overrun by trees, they had to be recognisable enough as stables for Bran to at least know what they were.
- FYI trees will be growing up from the south west beneath the castle, roughly like this:
- Feel free to make the trees spooky.

Mini-App 2: Large Armory and Forge
- "a huge thornbush had conquered the practice yard outside the armory where black brothers had once labored with spear and shield and sword. The armory and the forge still stood, however, though cobwebs, rats, and dust had taken the places of blades, bellows, and anvil."
- As said in the above quote, we know the forge and armory still stand overlooking one of the practice yards. I'd originally considered making the "armory" and "forge' separate buildings within in the area, but it sounds like the two are part of the one building, or an interconnected network of them at least.
- I've plotted out a storage area and bell tower to include in the plot as well.
- My reading of Bran's description makes it sound like the buildings are relatively intact (cobwebs and dust wouldn't last long outside and exposed to elements), so I think there's a lot of potential for some really cool designs. Winterfell, Castleblack and Dreadfort would be good places to look for inspiration on the layout, but think about how you can incorporate multiple levels, and sub-basements as well.

Mini-App 2: Sunken Bathhouse
- "the bathhouse seemed to be sinking into the ground"
- From this one line we know there's a bathhouse, and it's sinking, so yeah. LOTS to go off.
- Jon's described the Castle Black bathhouse where "he took a cold plunge to wash the sweat off and soaked in a hot stone tub". So we know it might have had a hot stone tubs? Take a look at some other bathhouses on the server and see how their common features can be incorporated.
- I'm hoping there's enough space allocated here but you can expand a little bit to the north if you need it.
- Ideally we'd try and maximise the use of the space and squeeze in as many tubs as we can. I'd like it to be two storied if possible, and try digging below ground if you need the extra space too.

Mini-App 3: Ancient Ringfort
- This section was inspired to just add to the NF's personality and show off just how old and inscrutable it is. Perhaps an ancient part of another structure now completely gone, neglected as the attention shifted to buildings closer to the Wall in the north west corner.
- Room for artistic licence here. I want to see big/bold designs that can be scaled back rather than head scratch for ways to add more spice to a more muted design.
- This area will definitely be connected to the underground wormwalk network, so factor tunnels into the design.

Mini-App 4: Ranger Captain's Tower + Rangers Barracks
-“Some of the towers had fallen down and others looked unsafe”.
- This is one of those unsafe towers.
- Labelling this the "Ranger's Barracks" was more for convenience of labels than an actual description, I don't expect a need to have this building overwhelm a visitor with a striking impression that this was associated with the rangers, but hey if you want to try, go for it.
- Priority with this area is to just come up with an interesting idea for the unsafe leaning tower and barracks. The barracks should be a shell of a building, and feature the galleries "where the sunlight fell in dusty shafts through empty windows”.

That's all for now, I'm really excited to see what ideas people come up with.


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Thanks Diitsei and Guilix, this test is approved, I'll copy it across.

Still after some tests for the Stables, Forge and Bathhouse, let me know if you're interested.


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What are your plans for the lake? Canonically its named for the lake beyond the wall, so what are your plans for the other side of the icy monolith?
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What are your plans for the lake? Canonically its named for the lake beyond the wall, so what are your plans for the other side of the icy monolith?
While my layout is still up in the air for the castle itself my map does show the plans. I intend to have the canonical "Deep Lake" on the northern side of the wall surrounded by encroaching forests. The southern lake will be converted into frozen plains and frozen boggs.


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Any plans for wildling villages on the deeplake or nearby? Sam's village mistaken for white tree might be close by to there. Just a suggestion


Just got done doing some research and looking into the Nights King story it becomes evident that wildlings and Northerners under two kings had to band together to defeat him at the Nightfort. The wiki states this was likely why building walls at any castle on the wall was forbidden. So the Nightfort should have some very old ruins of fortifications (currently the only real fortification is the ruined ringfort). Now they'd be very ruined at this point but i thought id suggest adding a bit more defensive things to older sections.
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Yeah factoring in fortifications like that has been in the back of my mind. The tricky thing to balance is just the sheer age of the place, so many of those Dawn Age structures would have collapsed or otherwise been cannibalised for stone over the thousands of years of occupation. I'd certainly like to include them as much loosely plausible though. The structures plotted in black wool are earmarked to be more ancient, see the foundations of the keep in the top east corner and other wall remnants around the existing keep. There's still space to add more ancient foundations/fortress remnants.



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Dark Greetings from the Wall!
With the release of the latest Resource Pack update (thank you Emote, Tham and Mike!), and all the variants of northern/icy northern cobble, snow and ice blocks it brought, I think we're due for another push to complete some more Nightfort minis.

Here's what's currently available for application
Canon ASOS - Bran IV "The armory and the forge still stood, however, though cobwebs, rats, and dust had taken the places of blades, bellows, and anvil."


Unsafe gate tower
No canon information for this tower aside from the description in ASOS Bran IV
"Some of the towers had fallen down and others looked unsafe".
This is one of those unsafe towers, and since it's above the main gate it should look unique and interesting.


Brew House
Canon ASOS - Bran IV "Beneath the brewhouse they found a vault of huge oaken casks that boomed hollowly when Hodor knocked on them"
The layout has been roughly plotted out but there's plenty of room for some fun brewery ideas.

Canon ASOS - Bran IV
- Had domed roof
- Slate floor
- Twisted white weirwood has pushed through dome and slate floor, skinny and faceless
- Is octagonal-shaped
- Has central well inside - weirwood grows next to it
- Well is around 12 feet across and has steps circling down into darkness
- The well has a knee-high lip (compared to Hodor)
- The Black Gate is set into the wall of the well in the kitchens.
- “The Reeds decided that they would sleep in the kitchens, a stone octagon with a broken dome. it looked to offer better shelter than most of the other buildings, even though a crooked weirwood had burst up through the slate floor beside a huge central well, stretching slantwise toward the hole in the roof, its bone-white branches reaching for the sun. It was a queer kind of tree, skinnier than any other weirwood that Bran had ever seen and faceless as well, but it made him feel as if the old gods were with him here, at least.”
- “The roof was mostly there, so they’d be dry if it rained again, but he didn’t think they would ever get warm here."
- Brick ovens that surrounded them like open mouths
- Rusted meat hooks, scars and stains near butchers block - along one wall


Builder's Workshop
Broad room for interpretation on this one, I imagine the Nightfort might've had the best builders, and this was their guild hall equivalent.

Maester's Tower and Library
Canon ASOS - Bran IV "They found a library (the shelves and bins had collapsed, the books were gone, and rats were everywhere).
The Maester's tower doesn't have any canon except that the castle does have a rookery (birds are gone) so this seems like an appropriate place to put it.

Kennels/miscellaneous storage
Open to ideas with layout here, should be mostly ruined.


No canon on this one but either but it needs to look ancient and needs a different feel to Winterfell's. While Winterfell has a natural feel with effort gone to making it look untouched, I think this Godswood could have a more constructed feel, landscaped, but ruined. Maybe some retaining walls creating patterns around the weirwood.

Feel free to start testing ideas or get in touch if you have any questions.


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Gawain and I have a test for the Nightfort Kitchen. Shoutout to Dork and Guilix for their assistance.

Test can be located at /warp Gawain, Southeast section of the plot and up.

Thanks, RavishMeRed & Gawain