In Progress Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear


Hey everyone!
I would like to apply for the septry west of Tarbeck Hall.

The septry is located on a small ridge and consists of three main buildings. The sept, facing west, the living area and the library.
These 3 buildings have a completed exterior, only the furnishing has to be done. The central garden will be used for flowers while the other ones near the kitchen/stables and library will be used for crops and leisure.

Only the kitchen and a small storage have been build so far. On the pictures you can see the plans for a stable and the buildings used for olive processing. (see below)

The septry will provide olive to the neighbouring area. Olive trees will decorate the road leading from the village to the septry, with a few side branches. The olives will be crushed on the little courtyard in front of the stables. The raw olives and the oil will be stored in the nearby buildings before being exported.

Everything can be seen here and on my plot /warp pix

Thanks :)


@Pigxle: I don't want olives in the area. Here's the description I put together for the septry on the first page of the thread:
One of the septries built during the Tarbecks' heyday shortly before their fall (~40 yrs ago). It was built as a symbol of the Tarbeck's wealth and power during a time when they controlled a good portion of the surrounding lands. However, because it was built quickly it was built without an eye for quality, and as such it's a bit in disrepair. A bit of a headcanon that can be modified: Essentially The Little Hours. The sept stays afloat by having septas embroider linens to sell at market, but a drunkard septon loses all of the linens and therefore their money. Also, some of the septas are into witchcraft.
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I will also apply for the Tarbeck Hall septry.

Imgur Album

The productive output consists of wine, honey, and embroidery. I've put a great deal of effort into trying to depict a septry that was a "symbol of the Tarbecks’ wealth and power." Notably, I've included a pink sept, inspired by Tuscan churches, as a demonstration of the wealth of the Tarbecks in their heyday, and more broadly of the Westerlands. It has been badly beaten up, however, and is in disrepair. There is also a cloister with marble columns. Some of the columns have been replaced by wood pillars. There are also green shutters in the same cloister. The cloister faces the main Tarbeck valley, which is the most ostentatious placement possible, since it is there that it will be seen by the most travelers and passers-by.

Please look through the album and read the captions, which contain more information. I still have a lot of work to do on the gradient, interiors, and landscaping (for example, the cypresses present are placeholders).

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@epke: I approve the hamlet, but I want to see the plotting in game first before you build, largely because I prefer odd sides instead of even.

@Augurex and @Pigxle: I haven't really had time to come check out your tests in-game yet because I've been really busy, so I'm holding off on my decision until I get the chance to do so. From what I can see, there are elements of both tests that I like, but also elements that I think should be changed. For Pigxle, the biggest thing is the choice of industry. And for Augurex, I'm not so sure about the pink sept or the design of the front gate. Also, I think the main building should be one floor shorter.

I'll give more feedback via melons in-game when I can get on.
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Thanks for the preliminary feedback; I’ll work on the gate and other adjustments.

EDIT: I chopped the main building down one floor. Open spoiler tags for images (images are kind of large).


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So, I would like to issue a public apology to Antony_Justman, Zsomi, and Alex. After seeing lemonbear's post, I checked the dynmap and cycled around the various builders on the server and saw a new THseptry test which I hadn't seen before. To say I flipped out might be an understatement, calling them vultures and pouncing pussycats, and Ant a "fucking weirdo."

And with that, I would like to withdraw my own test. It's too tainted by my own drama and I don't really want anything further to do with it.



Me, Zsomi and Antony would like to apply for the Tarbeck Septry.

Main Cloister

The architecture of the main cloister was inspired by Italian Romanesque churches such as the Basilica of St. Zenone, San Minato el Monte etc. While this might not be super typical for the general Westerlands style, the Tarbecks probably wanted the septry to be very ostentacious (as their practice of building septries was only to show off their newfound wealth anyway) so we thought it be nice to reflect that. Furthermore, the Tarbecks could have hired architects from other regions. While the main cloister is mostly finished and intact, the belltower will be in an unfinished state to represent the rushed and shoddy construction of the overall septry (as of writing this this isn't represented in our test). While we haven't fully decided on the interior layout yet, the cloister will include a large, somewhat decrepit sept, and quarters for the septa's/septon (as detailed on the first page).

Outbuildings/ the rest of the complex

As you might notice in our tests, a lot of the septry is in a very unfinished, pretty much ruined state. This is due to our headcanon that the construction of the septry wasn't finished before the fall of the Tarbecks and the Sarsfields didn't have the funds (or desire) to finish the project. The only building that is currently intact are some stables near the entrance. There are also some veggie/herb patches that are still in use in the gardens.


As detailed on the first page by Lemon, most of the septry's occupants are septa's embroidering linens to sell at the market (aside from the witchcraft lol). And thus, in the main cloister there will be facilities to make and embroider linens (source on how this was/is done: Due to their reliance on embroidering linens for sustenance, we would maybe like to propose to have some (probably fairly small) flax fields surrounding the septry.


Go to /warp zsomiking99. It's hovering above the glass platform.


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