In Progress Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear

It's always been a part of our rules for minis. @Enah @CashBanks Wanna remedy this?

Also, looking back on my feedback for Kuzlov's app, I asked for a communal bakehouse to be in the hamlet. Can you make one of your planned houses into the bakehouse?
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@lemonbear sorry i forgot i needed a mod to approve which confused me because i thought you were one, but i already started plotting earlier what do you want me to do about that, should i just leave it for now?
The Town at Tarbeck Hall is open for building! Make sure to check out the warp platform at /warp thtown before building! Let me know if you have any questions or want to build the sept complex or one of the other special builds!
@Ammika: The test looks pretty good, but I have some feedback.
  • I'm fine with the new placement for the holdfast, but what are you planning to do with the area surrounding the keep? It's a bit awkward as it currently is. Are you planning to change anything terra-wise?
  • The keep is really narrow. I'd like to see it follow the terrain a bit more on the side with the entrance (perhaps just put the side on a diagonal).
  • I'd rather the ground mix in the yard be more like that at /warp stackspearcastle. The current mix is really bright.

@det13: I like your overall plans, but the tests don't quite fit the style I'm looking for. I recommend you check out Banefort, Stackspear, and the Crag for an idea of the regional structural style.
The surrounding area will probably have a small hamlet of about 4-5 houses and a barn to keep animals in. Terrain wise we did have plans to elevate the area out front a bit to make it look less dramatic. Ground mix will be changed :x
@det13 : Some more feedback.
  • I don't really like the gated wall, the iron bars, or the fences on the warehouse roof.
  • Also, what is the tower for exactly? It's a bit much for something that's just supposed to be a farmhouse.
  • The plaster/gradient needs a lot of work. It looks patchy.
@Ammika: I approve your landed knight test!

@phondi: I like your new test for the landed knight keep, but it's not quite what I'm looking for there. However, I think it'll be a great fit for a holdfast (thhf1) in an area I'm almost done preparing. I would just need you to adjust things like interiors to get rid of the landed knight feel. Maybe just replace him with a captain of the guard or something like that and make it feel a bit poorer?
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I agree with lemon’s points, Det. Though, I think the tower is pretty and overall it’d be a good villa, but I don’t think for this farm a villa is appropriate. Simplicity is key for this are I think. So don’t scrap the tests, they can probably be used elsewhere
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@phondi: I just have a few nitpicky comments like the palette for the floor/ceiling (don't like the stormlands cobble ceilings/floor) and some furnishing stuff, but that can be changed when you start building. Keep in mind, however, that because the holdfast is in a different location you will need to rework some of the plotting to fit the location better. I am approving your test with the understanding that what you have provided is a TEST and not the final product. I will expect you to do the work to adapt your test to the new location.

@spinachpizza: I've taken a look at your plotting. Some comments:
  • The yards are too bubbly. When I asked for more informal yards, I meant ones that aren't fully fenced and closer to the houses. How about you just get rid of the yard plots and just make it clear to builders that they are expected to still do yards?
  • The bakehouse should be more central (I indicated a better location in-game).
  • The hamlet feels too big. I indicated a section to get rid of.
  • As a whole, paths should be small footpaths. The only path that can be bigger is the one going up to the septry, but it should stay the width it currently is.

Your test looks pretty good! Just a few things to fix before I approve: The scale of your map is very off, and that will almost definitely impact how your farm complex fits into the space. Also, there is a lot of space to the north of the farm that you can also use for both your farm complex and its produce.
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Hey lem
I have made an updated map more to scale and have added further plans for more crop fields, gardens and another servant quaters/ storage area. apologies if it is the alittle rough i am not the best artist.