Blackmont by Tsar


So I recently withdrew my application for Hammerhal because I had been thinking about applying for Blackmont. This is mostly born out of a love for that Southern Reach/Starfall biome, and I doubt I will ever again have enough time to even consider the Arbor.

Redklink began this project back in 2014, and I distinctly remember working on Old Oak the same time he started this project. As far as I can tell, he has not been online in some time.
As such, I am scrapping a lot of what is currently there. The castle is eclectic and there is an extensive cave network under the castle that I am not a fan of.

Here is the application:

I expect this project will take a while, but most certainly less than four years. Expect the lands and houses to blend well with High Hermitage, as I very much enjoy the lands for that project.
Important to note: Stein's terraform of the Torrentine was well done, and I will not be making any changes to it beyond small cosmetic changes such as flora.

Thanks for considering.


Love it! You have my approval!

Only thing I'd change is working on the base of the tower a little bit more, having it randomized seems a little odd especially with the smooth lighting shadow where the walls turn into full blocks.

EDIT: And pizzapproved because pizza's busy with work and stuff
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