1. Margaery_Tyrell

    Approved Mega Project: Upper Honeywine (Brightwater Keep, Roxton, Hastwyck) by Margaery Tyrell

    Here is my application: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bMbgNjohBxEmIVExxPkz9bnfioXDvaKTKHUMm6FjbD0/edit?usp=sharing Thank you!
  2. Ammika

    Approved Application for House Ladybright ☆

    Click here if you are gay
  3. Aino

    Approved Project Application: House Swann by Aino

    Hello, this is my application for House Swann of Stonehelm: Have fun reading :) -Aino
  4. AerioOndos

    Approved Project Application: Darkdell

    House Vyrwel of Darkdell Presented by the illustrious GentleIrongiant, ContraBlonde and AeksioOndos House Vyrwel of Darkdell is one of the principal houses of the Reach, sworn to Highgarden. They are Andals that were given land by the Three Sage Kings during the time of Andal invasion in order...
  5. Joseidon1

    Abandoned Project Application: Clan Burley by Joseidon

    Here is my application for Harclay to extend Johan's dream of a done North-Western North. Link
  6. Luk

    Approved Northern Reach Megabuild "Springhamshire" (Tumbleton, Risley, Smithyton)

    Northern Reach Megabuild by Luk I'm applying to redo both Risley and Smithyton, which both are abandoned. Clause C of the No-Redo-Rule applies in this case. Overview The Megabuild will consist of three projects in total: Tumbleton (already in progress), Risley, and Smithyton. The region will...
  7. Ric

    Completed Project Application - Isle of Faces

    Hey everyone! I'm now applying for a redo of the Isle of Faces. You can find my application here. Special thanks for Aek for helping me with the houses and for Emot for the many tips for the forest and caves. :)
  8. AerioOndos

    Abandoned Ruddy Hall on Storrold’s Point Project Application

    Another masochistic snow exercise by IronGiant and AeksioOndos Storrold’s point is a piece of land on the eastern coast of the lands beyond the Wall, jutting into the Shivering sea north of Eastwatch and Skagos. It is the former location of the only large scale settlement known to have formed...
  9. E

    The Arbor: Status and informations

    Hi there, You may have noticed me working on the Arbor for some time now. Even though the Arbor isn’t of the same importance than the usual server builds, I (and the mod team) would like to consider that, with its extent of lands, its multiple settlements and the importance of the powerful...
  10. K

    Approved Rhysling

    Howy threatened me https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XLHCSRQlF9HCNoS5wLP4Q8akwd1FwSx0xJH6oDXQQAU/edit
  11. Tsarkaiser84

    Approved Blackmont by Tsar

    So I recently withdrew my application for Hammerhal because I had been thinking about applying for Blackmont. This is mostly born out of a love for that Southern Reach/Starfall biome, and I doubt I will ever again have enough time to even consider the Arbor. Redklink began this project back in...
  12. ZoSo_666

    Approved Project Application : House Crane of Red Lake by ZoSo_666

    Hello everybody and merry Christmas ! After learning a lot about project management with Chelsted, i am proud to present you my app for house Crane of Red Lake an old project which deserves special carefulness regarding its location and cannon informations about it ! Feeedbacks and comments...
  13. SseriousBusiness

    Approved House Peake of Starpike - Project Application by SseriousBusiness

    Hey guys, Sorry for the confusion but, when the palette issue was brought up, I didn't have the time to focus and be online because of a portfolio and an early christmas trip. Added to that I had to adapt and learn a palette I've never used before compared to my months of work with the...
  14. EarlNosyGarlic

    Approved Project Application: House Conklyn by EarlNosyGarlic (JackPlaysX)

    My lord, ladies and strange animals, I'm proud to finaly present to you my project aplication for House Conklyn of the reach, witch you can read right here: I hope you'll enjoy :3 ~Jaq
  15. Emoticone11

    Approved Project Application: Wickenden Redo

    Project's been WIP for forever, here's the original post though. Project's approved by Estoop and Banty currently.