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another one


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Also some feedback on gradient. You’ve used a little haphazard combination of sandstones. What I’d try to do is make sure that you have the darker sandstones at the base and then go up towards the lightest. Make sure it’s only the lightest that is touching the small stone brick.

It’s looking okay to begin with but if you can get some kind of software with rectangles, that would massively help make your plan to scale.
For a first mini, it’s pretty good.

And yes, as Jake said, look at the blackmont style and think about how you can make them more interesting than just a 1 storey 30d roof building. Think about dormers, some steeper rooves, extensions, wooden extras popping out. Some things that make the building look lived in and used.


Hello I am formal requesting this hamlet, I would start constructing on it in a few weeks, I'm preparing to build here, This would have two styles, brown slate roof and wood roof/thatch, I used the same blocks from the city blackmont, and i had another person who worked on the broken tower approve the gradient with me. Where hamlet 1 is located i place plots and stuff where i would put things, I can delete it if requested I'm just planning because I'm on mac and its hard to drive, sorry if i hurt anyone.
start sept block-plot
pink- farm
light blue- smokehouse
organe- privies
red- sept
purple- a tower or a inn i haven't decided yet
I would build 2 houses and have the others build the other 12
The roof style would be the same as seen in the picture, simple build. I am still a probe but my probation ends soon I'm getting this ready so i can't transition from probie. into this mini, I would wait a couple weeks to start building to form terra, I would ask a mod or a player with WE to help me bc i don't have it yet!

Please get back to me, I really am looking forward to building

It would be warper BMH1 or smoother name ill come up with later
thx have a good day all


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Okay, so in future you could ask someone to copy that section of terrain onto a plot for you to test on.

Honestly, the layout and many of the plots do not make sense to me. They cluster on what would likely be the best ground for growing crops. The fields are blobby and irregular. Have a look at Wyl and it’s lands, particularly the valleys to the south that are done.

If I have time tonight I can get on and try and help you with how to plot a village/hamlet. Or at least create a guide. Also in that I’ll cover how to create proper angled plots.

Another recommendation of mine is think about these things when planning a settlement.
-why do they live where they do? (Lifestyle/job, protection etc)
-where do they get their food?
-what goes on with the road traffic? Is it just foot or maybe foot + animals? Or foot+ animals + carts? Always interesting for roads.

Also, you mentioned a smoker. Does that mean there will be large amounts of livestock passing through the area? Should there be a butcher or is this a small backyard operation?

Here’s A suggestion, if you moved the buildings to the hillside and had fields on the flatter land near the river, you could have houses with a half storey underneath for animals to shelter. There are some examples of this on the server.


Okay I was just plotting out stuff, makes sense If I get the hamlet the I’ll change where the plots are and such this was just a rough draft but thanks for the feedback, yes I would Love to I’ll be on later


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I agree with any feedback given thus far.
-One thing I would add. I am not fond of having diagonal buildings just to have diagonal buildings. I personally do not like building them (Blackmont currently does not have a single one), but I understand the need for them sometimes. I encourage you to be creative with simply constructed houses and use diagonal buildings only when it makes the most sense based on terrain.
-I would recommend an inn, and probably not a sept.
-Focus on pastures instead of fields, the terrain suits this sort of agriculture better (rocky, steep, etc.) and it also provides an economic focus for the village (sheepherders, horsebreeders, cattle, etc.) I can add fields in the surrounding area if it seems appropriate. Look at the pastures further south at High Hermitage for an example [see /warp highermvillage1]

Thank you for your interest, and thank you to the other builders for your feedback, I don't have the ability to respond too quickly, so I appreciate you guys.


I understand, how might I start planning? Do i outline where I want plots where the hamlet is or is that in my plot, where can I start planning?


So heres the new one, the black ones are house, the black and yellow one is a inn and the yellow is a holdfast, the orange is a road theres a market square in the center, this can be found at warp sapper and look up


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Hi Sapper
While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I will ask you to please take your time to think about the application, plan out what you intend to build, and make ONE message with all the informations required for the application (like Emot said).
Second, and that's a strict rule, you're not allowed to alter in any way a project without the clear authorization and consent of its leader. So we'll ask you to remove quickly all plots or anything you may have built at the hamlet location. It's our first rule: no grieving.
Third, I recommend you to read the General building guidelines, which might give you some advice as to how better apply for a mini.

Concerning your application for this hamlet properly, I highly invite you to visit more thoroughly the other locations of the project, like /warp blackmont. Make sure you grab the style specificities. Also, you should spend some time visiting small hamlets, studying their layouts, where are the houses placed from the road, how are the yards/gardens plotted, what is the shape of the hamlet, etc.
There are plenty of sources of information on the forum as well, like threads like this:
For any test, please use your plot, for houses and layout. You can do a small model of the hamlet as well, or as you did a sketch of map of the layout.
Take fully into account the feedbacks that may have been given by other builders here.
Don't hesitate to ask for help, advices, feedbacks from builders in game as well.

In the end, it'll be up to Tsar to approve or reject your application, and to one of his approving mod to do the same.
Don't rush it, take your time.

Edit: Also, after checking on your probation thread, it appears you have not been approved full builder yet. So, until you have been fully approved by your probation leader, you won't be allowed to apply for any mini project.
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Here is my app for the hermitage, i put here the layouts, and inspiration

For the main building, my inspiration is the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña in Huesca, i think fits very well in this area

this is the test

septry layout.jpg

and the plans

septry plan.jpg

my idea, is to make the crops of the septry, in terraces more or less like this.

arrives duero.JPG

Thanks for your attention and i will be waiting for your response.


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More terraces! Las Alpujarras is an historical region near Granada, in southern Andalusia. It's located at the foothills of Sierra Nevada, where the villages cling to the cliffs. Being so close to the mountains, fresh water is plentiful and used for irrigating many terraced fields, dating back to the Muslim presence. In fact up until the XVII century, when many where deported, this area was almost 100% morisca (Christians who where in origin Muslim). They kept the techniques that allowed terraced high-productivity crops.

Also in northern Càceres, Western Spain, lies the Valle del Jerte, famous for the cultivation of cherry trees in terraces

These structures are called "terrazas" o "bancales" in Spanish, by the way.