Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread


Big Texture Request (maybe Tham or Cash or somebody can do it as a side thing):

New paintings! Pleaseeeee. As in, redoing the ones we currently have. The styles are all super different and just very blurry versions of larger images half the time. We've had them since the beginning of WC, I think its time we got some paintings worthy of our other awesome textures (which scheme and colour/palette wise fit in with our texture pack).
We should test that changing them replaces them one to one and doesn't reset the ones we've placed i.e. turning shields into arbitrary 1*1 paintings.
I'm happy to give some of the smaller motifs a go but again I don't have time to do much of the research. So if y'all could compile a list of 'westeros-historic' events or people that would be cast on canvas that would speed this up significantly. Or tapestry for that matter.. are paintings actually canon?

It's odd, I can't seem to recall nor find (on search of ice and fire) any mention of 'paintings' although a ton of other objects are clearly painted or dyed: tents, the canvas of sails, vests, shields, thread of myrrish carpets, boats, wood, statues, you name it. But never is there explicit mention of something along the lines of "Ned admired the dusty painting of Winterfell".

Portraits are mentioned but the context is ambiguous as to whether they are 'woven' or really painted canvas. There is one clear mention of an explicitly woven portrait in Jamie IV - A feast for crows, but the other mentions are either world of ice and fire, portrait in a more figurative sense, and that one nefarious chapter of Winds of winter: Arrianne I. /shrug

Edit: Oh and when you do give suggestions, please compile some canon details or at least give references.. I don't wanna have to research what or how a certain event was described...(again it just encroaches on the precious 2h of the week that I can spend on this)
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Baelor's being built, Battle on the Blackwater during the Dance, Redgrass field, Hunting scene x2, updated shield texture, Aegon I portrait, Daeron II portrait.
just some ideas


Peasant of Oldtown
Could we base the paintings on actual medieval paintings rather than the renaissance painting frenzy from which most of our known paintings are from?

Really think having some "Nachtwacht" style painting hanging in a lords chamber would break immersion of the medieval world we're trying to create.

Could we also focus on making ambiguous paintings (or preferably tapestries) which portray something that would feel natural everywhere? I very much doubt the people in the Reach would be too enthousiastic about the sept of Baelor, nor would anyone have a painting of the Blackwater because it hasnt occured yet on our server. Portrets would be fine, but for the love of the Old Gods and the new, please no Targaryens because I very much doubt a lot of the lords would have them.


It'd be cool to have a depiction of this passage from The Seven-Pointed Star, which is the holy text of the Faith of the Seven:

The Father reached his hand into the heavens and pulled down seven stars and one by one he set them on the brow of Hugor of the Hill to make a glowing crown...


Some really great examples of medieval art here that I think we should incorporate. I particularly like the one of the woman looking nonplussed with a sword through her neck


Just a thought: would it be possible to update the texture for vanilla stone bricks? Right now they look quite outdated, I'm not sure why, and you don't see them used much any more. Provided they keep the same basic shape and palette it shouldn't cause any problems, and it would help some older builds look a bit less outdated.


I’ve tried to do that in various ways, but haven’t settled on anything I like. Also, I see the block used occasionally for ornamental uses in recent builds.