Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

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  1. Most of the suggestions are already on Asana (external list), but I'll quote the most recent posts in the thread here:

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  2. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    I would like to propose a new block for the pink walls of maidenpool, as the Reach "pink" is now yellowy/grey.
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  3. Wazgamer

    Wazgamer Lord Paramount of The Riverlands Maester

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  4. //replace wallsofmaidenpoolold wallsofmaidenpoolnew

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  5. Cedo

    Cedo Builder

    Can we please get a dragonbone block set for the dragon skulls? cobble and netherrach etc look too manmade
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  6. Yeah! I like that Idea!
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  7. Dragonbone is black, right? The valyrian stone block being added for the Hightower (canon) should suffice for that also. Just need to add stairs etc.

    Speaking of which, @Thamus_Knoward are you still interested in working on the valyrian stone block?
  8. I'll give that another go tonight!
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  9. Oh but make sure to chuck in the pebble/shingle beach textures!
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  10. Smooth black stone: http://puu.sh/xNL5l/b0ba000e9d.jpg

    Now available in the dropbox :p You should probs include stairs/slabs/etc. I can make blocks that look erroded for now I just made the pristine fused stone with CTM!
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  11. Fin

    Fin Builder

    Two things:

    First with regard to that black stone texture: If you wanna do a gradient with obsidian, could you update that texture a bit? So it looks more like a processed stone/or a bit more subtle. I always thought it looked a bit off / vanilla-y. You could use it to show erosion on the dark stone. Seawind or so, on the base of the Hightower, for instance.

    Second, is regarding Oldtown blocks: I love how they look, gj boys! Really enjoying working with em so far. I have one request though. Can we get a "window block" for Oldtown? It would behave the same as the terracotta arrow slit, only with a rounded top, with the new OT texture on it. (brick would also be cool. It would really make Style II more recognisable with the perfect semicircle and brick framing).
    Right now we have the terracotta arrow slits, which really have too distinct a shape to be used broadly in Oldtown (ideally they wouldn't at all be used, really), and the small window block. That last one works wonderfully for little 1 block windows, but for 2 block tall windows it doesn't work too well, as it does resemble an arrow slit more than a window. Also, I've been trying to get window framing to look good, a feature you'll see on pretty much every inspirational picture in Stoops' collection, and I believe this would help immensely.
  12. Maybe also lighten the new block also to be a bit closer to obsidian rather than pure black? Perhaps it's my f.lux settings but I'm struggling to see any of the details in the texture, it just seems pitch black to me.
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  13. The screenshot turned out awfully dark, in game you should be able to see details and a small 1 pixel wide relief around the edges. Let me know when you've seen it in game and still feel the same way about it.
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  14. Fin

    Fin Builder

    I came up with some feedback on the OT textures: I really like the yellow plaster and the other OT blocks, they all blend really well together. The umber one is my main concern in this post.

    I'd recommend lightening the color palette of the umber a bit, making it a bit warmer. What I found works really well with the yellow plaster is using the beige stone and brick blocks to show erosion:

    The same could be done with the umber one and bricks, as right now they're a bit too far apart to blend together: [​IMG]

    Here's another picture to show where I think the umber plaster should go. In general towards lighter, warmer and pastel tones (picture taken from the witcher, blood and wine concept art):

    Edit: I found dun bricks work rather well in contrast with the current umber plaster. Thought it's still very dark:[​IMG]
    I guess it all depends on whether we want OT to have a lighter or darker tone. I'd argue for lighter in the case, because in terms of luminosity of the textures alone the umber by far stands out as the darkest. Lightening the texture a bit could help bridge that gap.
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  15. Thanks for the feedback! I think the dun bricks fit in more texture-wise with the OT bricks, the normal orange bricks seem to pop a bit more compared to the OT bricks (a bad thing in my mind, but maybe someone has a different opinion)

    @EStoop , thoughts?
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  16. @Emotione11 Hey man, Howy and I were inspecting the new plaster blocks and realized why it felt out of place to us. Compared to all the other plasters they are the smoothest blocks we have in our entire palette.

    I like the cuts and irregularities you've added, but if its OK with you I'l like to try to make a base texture that's more in line with the other plasters we use.
  17. EStoop

    EStoop Peasant of Oldtown Builder

    I have no problems with using the dun blocks, they really combine well with the pink reach and oldtown blocks. Regular orange clay bricks definitely stand out too much.

    Also, I'd like to give a shoutout too all builders involved with testing for Oldtown to think of ornate blocks of various levels of simplicity/intricateness, to be able to add a little desired uniqueness to some buildings.
  18. Fin

    Fin Builder

    k, wolf and I came up with some feedback on the primary new OT bricks, those on the prismarine and end stone textures. They're too saturated and yellow to us.

    Desaturating them a bit and raising the contrast in luminosity (which I couldn't do in lightroom), might help. I think it might be helpful if someone could like post a couple different versions of the texture so we can compare.

    Edit: Come to think of it, one could use the reach terrainset blocks as a guide for which color to aim for. They're a nice pale yellow/orange. With a bit more contrast to signify use, that color scheme could work I think.

    I dropped a screenie into lightroom to try to illustrate what I mean:

    Vibrance: +25
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  19. You were not very careful with your comparison as it seems you have also bleached blocks that are not part of the dedicated OT palette. Such a change will be quite impossible without affecting already completed builds.
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