Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

I think if they are to be named they should include their primary color first just to make searching of specific plants much much easier.

Ergo: Red Rose, Yellow Buttercups, Orange Ragwort, Blue Delphinium, Green Leafy Herb, Purple Foxglove etc.

Also the image above includes flowers we don't currently have, and is missing a few.


It might be, using whatever URL the launcher uses behind the scenes to pull the resource pack (I’m not sure exactly how to find it, however). The easier way to do it would be to just get the launcher, use it to generate the files, and then grab the resource pack from the instance files in appdata (or Application Support if on mac).

Do note that most of our actual textures are added by the WesterosBlocks mod, and the vanilla resourcepack is rather sparse, since it was never intended for vanilla singleplayer.
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Tried my best with the labelling, was mostly focusing on the colors
I am pretty sure that the blue orchid is being used to represent winter roses in some areas of the north. at least that is what I interpret them to be as I know of no mention of orchids growing in such a cold climate


There’s isn’t another blue-white flower that could be considered winter rose. Winter roses were really rare, blue-white blooms, right?
They are described as pale blue and thr color of frost, in Winterfells glasshouses we used basically any and all blue flowers to depict them.

Except the orchid that is.