Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

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    I wanted to suggest this, but we'd need to exempt test from the replace script; lot's of people store all sorts of stuff in chests there. Wouldn't want to nuke someone's precious head collection now, would you?
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  2. Emote might correct me on this but I think the script runs on a world file. So it could work :)
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  3. Hm, that’s an interesting idea. We’d also have to figure out how to do double-chests though, if we’re making it a solid block, we might have to make three versions (single/center, left, right), unless we can do some fancy model file stuff. Also, is chest rotation/double-chest status stored in metadata??

    The other idea about doing a mass replace is also interesting, though I think you underestimate the amount of work in KL alone. I’m not sure we need new chest blocks since we already have low/middle class and high class variants. Either way, it can be treated as an independent problem to replacing chest blocks with custom ones.
  4. As for the logic of chests, each individual block knows whether it is connected to the right or left or if it is a single block (https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Block_states).

    How would we replicate that?
    a) The hacky way = re-modeling a wall block because vanilla wall blocks have an understanding of nswe connections through their blockstates
    b) The proper way = create a new WesterosCraftBlocks blocktype that clones the vanilla chest behaviour (or better yet expands on it so we can extend chest ad libitum) https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/l...ing-your-blocks-with-these-magical-properties
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  5. Hey everyone, here's a changelog of the recent update:

    -Added two more weirwood faces
    -Added industry utility block
    -Added slab, stairs, wall, fence, hopper of Oldtown cobble
    -Added Lannisport slate tip
    -Added Lannisport light brick arrow slit window
    -Added custom carpet blocks for all wood types
    -Added slab, stairs, wall for Mances Camp Common Tent 2 and Mances Camp Mance's Tent
    -Changed color of Mances Camp tent insides to match dark thatch
    -Changed Bolton banner to have updated texture
    -Changed Oldtown sewer manhole to not have "OT" on it
    -Changed basket to have oak wood texture on bottom
    -Changed weirwood faces to updated textures
    -Fixed cobblestone hoppers not having biome shading
    -Fixed eastern islands pebble layers not having biome shading
    -Fixed some "arrow slit window" blocks being misnamed
    -Fixed "arbor cobble stairs" being misnamed "oldtown cobble stairs"
    -Fixed 3D ladder block model being undone
    -Fixed marble column block models

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  6. Damn :(
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  7. We need Reach Cobblestone stairs, Wall, and slabs. It will really help with some gradient work.
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    I still think we should have the same types of blocks for all our "palette" blocks, such as our various types of stone, wood etc..

    That said, I would like to request a couple of specific blocks:
    • Coloured wood vertical planks.
    • Dull/pale/monochrome marble blocks.
      • We have a small selection marble blocks. All of these have very vibrant colours which work very well in the south of Westeros, but not so much in the north of it. Using these stones anywhere outside of the Vale, Reach and Dorne makes it feel out of place, and frankly the alternative of plaster or stone bricks makes it seem those regions are lacking a couple of centuries behind.
    • More types of plasters would be cool, along with slab blocks for plasters since some people use them for ceilings (like me).
      • Plasters are also being used more frequently on interior walls.
    • Half-height wattle fences, for herb-gardens and what not.
    And changes to our current selection:
    • There seems to be a border around some of our brick blocks, which is silly.
    • Our marble blocks seem to be uncut, as in every structure is made of a single piece of marble. I suggest adding very subtle lines indicating that the marble is used as a cladding material (like the Romans did).
    • The black marble block for Oldtown is a bit high contrast. I suggest making the black a little more washed out, while making the veins a bit more blue-ish grey.
    Since I request new blocks or changes rather frequently and doing fuck-all to help with it, I'd like to delve into the world of textures. What programs do you guys use and how do I start learning this stuff?
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    I use paint.net, (it’s a downloadable program but called paint.net, go figure). It’s basically a cross between Microsoft paint and photoshop. Easy enough to zoom in close and change it at a pixel level with layers/blending. I usually start with one of our blocks to get the scale/color tone right.
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    Photoshop is also handy for match/replace color because color is just total bs sometimes.
  11. There’s a totally free program called GIMP which has most of the features Photoshop does.
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  12. Here's an idea for a Citadel-exclusive block, something similar to the 3x3 star charts: a series of illustrations for the acolyte's lessons and for the maesters to consult. It can be CTM to get more bang per block, like 1x1 could all be small botanical illustrations, 1x2 could be illustrations of crop rotation or mathematics, 2x1 could be a anatomical illustration of common injuries, 3x3 could be a illustrations of a battlefield for warfare, etc.

    Higher Mysteries
  13. Great minds think alike! I made some CTM medical charts for my contest entry last year but ended up not using them. I’ll gladly make em available:

    Attached Files:

  14. Could it be possible to switch the orientation of the lil dunes on the sand block/layers?
    So far, it's oriented east-west, and it'd make more sense to make it north-south as are most of westeros beaches.
    Hope you'll get what I mean...
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  15. Hey, would it be possible to have the good IDs for the wet sand layers (wet sand and wet sand with rocks) in the inventory pls? Right now it's still 4098 and 4100 :(
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  16. I was wondering if there is any reason why cant arrow slits have their bottom and top not be see-through, and instead have their blocks textures there. (notice the purple blocks) as this would allow the block to have bit more utility in certain ways, like having them right under the roof with the roof material not being visible through them and so on.
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  17. Yes, that's necessary for the vertical CTM, otherwise there would be horizontal surfaces intersecting the arrow slits at each block.
  18. thanks for the explanation