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  1. Ben

    Ben Builder

    When placed in the Deep Ocean biome, the following small stone brick blocks do not change to their darker variant...
    ~Small Stone Brick Hopper
    ~Small Stone Brick Fence
    ~Faith Carved Small Stone Brick
    ~Small Stone Brick White Plaster
    Also, in the Deep Ocean biome, the Red Sandstone Stairs block does not seem to change to it's new texture. It reverts back to the old version which is half red and half beige colored.
  2. Deep Ocean biome shouldn't actually be used anywhere, only the normal Ocean biome. Is Deep Ocean showing up in the map?
  3. This is political violence and I will not stand for it.

    Good day sir!
  4. Just think of all those poor neglected Florent banners!

  5. noooooo my banefort banner :(
  6. Arkilstorm

    Arkilstorm Dowager Countess of Grantham Maester

    It'd be nice in future updates perhaps to have a half-banner block to place above paintings to make them look like tapestries (Like I used to do by using WE to break the banners and got told off). :)
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  7. Since the banner block strictly uses both IDs anyways, it might be possible to make the two able to be placed independently and avoid the problematic behavior from “hacking” them in. But it might require making people place both parts manually. I will talk to Mike about it and see.
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  8. I know this might be hard to make, but what about a wine bottle holder for some of the richer castles? I think it would be pretty helpful considering someone will probably make the arbour at one point.

    Kind of like this?
  9. EStoop

    EStoop Peasant of Oldtown Builder

    Dirt and gravel carpet, so I can make compact low effort bridges in rural areas or cover up retainer walls that should not be a full block wide.
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  10. May as well float this idea now, if we’re concerned about the extra memory any blocks would take, why not replace the sound blocks? They’re just taking up space at the moment and could be added back in down the road when the RPG infrastructure gets put in place.
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  11. Removing blocks is, erm, a little bit problematic. If an ID's been used somewhere in the world, removing the block from the mod will lead to world incompatibility problems until that specific instance is removed. Shifting all the current IDs to fill the space left by the sound blocks is also difficult.

    That's a good idea that I haven't thought of before though, I'll keep it in mind. I still don't plan on adding many more general blocks at this point, the memory thing is just an annoying thorn on top of that.
  12. If we're *only* adding the most important of of houses, in Regards to The Reach I think that House Redwyne would qualify as they were their own Kingdom
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  13. Spikespiegel

    Spikespiegel Nobuild

    How about adding Oldtown cobblestone stairs, slabs and walls?
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  15. JohanKR850

    JohanKR850 Builder

    Maybe adding a more low class chest. I was thought on this server that all houses can have chests, but the chests we have are kinda high class. I dont use the chest in low class houses because of this.
    Having a low class chest where the peasant could store their valuables (if they have any) and clothes, would make the chest less out of place.
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  16. I guess that the chest in question would not have the ornate ironwork and would instead be entirely wood except for nails with a simple latch of either wood or twine
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  17. There have been far too many chests placed all around the server. I'd just use baskets, crates and similar blocks.
  18. EStoop

    EStoop Peasant of Oldtown Builder

    I agree in the sense that chests cause horrible issues when copy/pasting shit, but chests are more historically accurate than drawers and cabinets. Can't we get a series of Westeroscraft chests that don't cause those issues?
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  19. I'd like to, but I'm not sure how. They're non-standard blocks which don't appear to abide by normal blockstate/model files.
  20. How about just making a non-functional chest block imitation? We don't use them to store anything anyways. Just a plain old nsew-cuboid block that has been resized to the same dimensions should do the trick. Optionally, one could consider context-dependent changes to the model mesh (similar to the wall block) in that the size of the chest would expand to either side when placed next to other chests.

    In any case this will remove the memory overhead, the WE issues and options of fuckery by visitors that place items in them :D (We'd just need to get rid of all the existing chests at once..)

    I'd volunteer for a reskin/ remodel if I ever end up finding time for a quiet evening again.

    PS: I just had a stupid idea... I could easily make an overlay pack that colours them brightly. This would make it easier to hunt them down in /gm 3. Potentially, if the mods so will it, this could facilitate a server-wide manual replace rush, which would allow us to expand our range of chests as a follow up to an automatic replace job.
    1. Figure out how to make cuboid blocks reactive to context.
    2. Re-create the current 1block vanilla chest block as an nsew-cuboid
    3. Texture this recreation as the poorest, simplest chest (so we won't have to go through every house of KL later on)
    3. Automatically replace ALL vanilla chests with this version of the new chests
    4. Create a temporary overlay resource pack which highlights this version (neon pink)
    5. Create alt chest textures (coffins, caskets, mid class chest, high class chest, specialty chests (tbd?!))
    6. Do a server-wide coordinated event (chest-mania, chest-athon, chestasaurus rex) to replace all poor (and now hot pink) chests at famous locations with the specific alt variants. Leave all the poor standard versions in non-descript, non-significant places.
    7. Remove overlay pack.
    8. ???
    9. Profit
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