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  1. Yeah, I love the decorated whale! The scene is really cool and dynamic.

    I'm not sure if what you have right now is the final product or not, but my main feedback is that the image feels very modern/digital. It needs to be worn down and simplified quite a bit, given the look of painted wood (some of photoshop's blending modes may help with this). One other thing I'd suggest is modifying the painting, and doing this with future murals, to use only a small palette of muted colors (perhaps using irl medieval paintings to choose colors from) and then trying to stick to those colors for all of the murals. For the sake of consistency it's probably best to choose a palette which meshes well with the greens, cyans, and browns in the hall. Lastly, make sure to add some shadows and shading around the borders of the mural to make the mural seem embedded in the wall.
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  2. Cash's latest crazy texture idea:
    Wooden carpet textures on the bottom of baskets

    I've noticed that it's not uncommon for builders to put baskets on top of gates to make it look like they're on top of shelves. This isn't too bad, but obviously not ideal since it's not clear what the basket is actually sitting on, if anything. If we changed the bottom texture to wood, it would certainly create a better representation of a shelf and I don't think it would negatively affect any existing builds.

    Main drawback is that it would probably have to just be oak carpet, might be overkill to have spruce/jungle bases etc
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  3. Would it be possible on a technical level to add additional liquid blocks?

    Currently we only have the two liquids from vanilla Minecraft (lava and water). I think there are potential applications for additional liquid blocks if it were possible to add them.

    Namely, it would be beneficial for the swamplands in the Neck if there were a special liquid type block for mud/bog/quicksand.

    Ideally, I am thinking of something with a mud like texture applied to it, and a high viscosity (i.e. it slows movement if you try and walk in it). You wouldn't want it to have all the properties of lava (i.e. it shouldn't catch things/players on fire, or turn to obsidian when contacting water).

    Anyway, that is just an idea, but mostly I am just curious if that is even technically possible.
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  4. It is technically possible, yes, although a little more challenging than adding a normal block I think.
  5. Alternatively/additionally, would it be possible to make a block that floats on water (like a lily pad) to create swamp algea? Like this this:

  6. Spikespiegel

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    Can we get more blocks (stairs, halfslabs, walls, etc.) with the Oldtown Cobblestone Texture?
    Also, the Oldtown Cobblestone Stair block we have now should be renamed to Arbor Cobblestone Stairs, as it has Arbor texture, not Oldtown.
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  7. Loras: Yeah, that would be easier to do.

    Spike: I’m confused? We already do have cobblestone wall/stair/slab. They’re in the vanilla inventory though. Also, I know about the mistake with arbor/oldtown blocks, I will fix it in the next update.
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  8. Xeson

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    I don't know if it is possible or someone else already suggested this, but could it be possible to give the
    iron trap door the texture of a normal oak half door? Because so the standing tables are more easy to build and carpets are no longer indispensable.

    I don't think this would cause issues in future updates, because you always will need redstone to activate the iron trap door.
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    I already asked. :p
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  10. Arkilstorm

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    Can we please remove the letters "O T" from the Oldtown drain cover blocks. Grammatically and stylistically it burns my eyes. <3
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  11. Lol, yeah can do.

    Xeson: I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this? “Because so the standing tables are more easy to build and carpets are no longer indispensable. ”
  12. Xeson

    Xeson Builder

    Currently, for example, you need wood carpets to display the table top. Which means that you have to place carpets or chairs under it.

    With Iron trap doors you could actually represent the tables, which are ajar against the wall in some buildings even upright with the Piston Extensions.

    Edit: And it is possible to place food on the trap doors, sth. that is unpossible with the carpet solution.

  13. Ah, I see. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to add something like that because of the problem of outdating old stuff (in principle, it’s also better to add new blocks than retexture vanilla ones).

    However, there are solutions to some of the problems you mentioned. You can call over a player with Editor/EditorLite perms, or a moderator, to make carpets float. Just make sure to place everything around it first, otherwise placing a block next to the floating carpet will break it.

    Also, if you want to put things on the table, I usually just use halfslabs (although this looks much better if you use hopper blocks for the ends rather than piston tables).
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  14. Xeson

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    OK I understand. The problem I have with the hopper and slab solution is that the slabs do not allow legroom under the table, for example when using leather or Thatch as seats.
    But I understand the argument :)
  15. Can we add matching flowers for the white and pink rose Bush blocks like we do for the red and yellow rose blocks.
  16. Xeson there’s a nice workaround to that, if you alternate slabs and fullblocks to give the illusion of having chairs that are pushed in. It’s hard to explain without being in-game, but there’s an example at /warp furnish I think.
  17. Hey everyone, going to start throwing together a small update now. Here's a list of things on the agenda - please let me know if I've missed anything, as I know a lot of people are in the habit of messaging me in-game rather than posting in the thread >_>. No general block addition requests at this time though.

    - Stairs/slabs/walls for Mances tent blocks
    - Window variant for lannisport light brick
    - Two more weirwood face blocks (got 2 unused metadatas on the ID)
    - LP slate tip
    - Carpets for jungle, birch, northern wood
    - Industry utility block
    - Stairs/slabs/wall/hopper for OT Cobble

    - Make fur on inside of Mance tent blocks same color as dark thatch
    - Use Cash's updated weirwood face textures
    - Change bottom of baskets to have oak wood texture
    - Remove "OT" from Oldtown sewer manhole

    - Change name of "Oldtown cobble stairs" to "Arbor cobble stairs"
    - Fix marble column block models
    - Fix ladder block model back to the one from last update
    - Add "window" to names of "reach brick arrow slit" and "stone slab arrow slit"
    - Fix cobblestone & mossy cobblestone hopper not having biome shading
    - Fix eastern island pebble layers not having biome shading
  18. b-b-banners?
  19. I'm not adding in normal house banners at this point unfortunately, especially because of the new block/memory trade-off (each banner requires a full block ID to itself). If I've missed any great houses feel free to point it out, though.
  20. Added some extra shading to the Bolton banner a while back
    What do you think about adding the carpet texture to the bottom of baskets?

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