Project Application: Duskendale


I've opened up the next lot of houses. Again, please do stay within the white glass border!

This area is different insofar as it's the solidly 'working class' area. It's not actively disgusting, not actively lavish, these are the people just getting by. They don't live in squalor, but they're certainly not comfortable. The houses should reflect this.

There are a number of WIP's in the sections that we've constructed most the plots in-- this isn't an issue I'm just marking them for my own record.

Thanks to those who have been leaving constructive feedback, either for me or the builder of any given plot.

Be sure to build next to existing plots, where possible.


Just read that bit of canon which has Brienne see a brightly painted double door opposite to the seven sword inn. So I got inspired to make this:

Optionally more saturation:

This is the motif on the door:

The captain's sister was not hard to find. The Seven Swords was the largest inn in town, a four-story structure that towered over its neighbors, and the double doors on the house across the way were painted gorgeously. They showed a castle in an autumn wood, the trees done up in shades of gold and russet. Ivy crawled up the trunks of ancient oaks, and even the acorns had been done with loving care. When Brienne peered more closely, she saw creatures in the foliage: a sly red fox, two sparrows on a branch, and behind those leaves the shadow of a boar.
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"She thanked the painter and crossed the cobblestones to the inn. Above its door, seven wooden swords swung beneath an iron spike. The whitewash that covered them was cracked and peeling, but Brienne knew their meaning. They stood for the seven sons of Darklyn who had worn the white cloaks of the Kingsguard. No other house in all the realm could claim as many. They were the glory of their House. And now they are a sign above an inn. She pushed into the common room and asked the innkeep for a room and a bath."

I think the iron spike can easily be done with an iron slab / stair


I have opened more plots this evening, directly surrounding the sept.

I've also refreshed the /warp duskendale zone with some of my concerns, and how I propose to fix them. Please do take the time out to read these signs if you plan on building in Duskendale! Don't view this as me moaning about the quality of the build so far-- generally I think it has been really high, but for various reasons such as the style developing and leaving a few older houses looking out of place, or people misinterpreting plotting shapes there are some houses which aren't up to par.

The most important thing is that I've marked what I consider 'exemplar' houses/buildings in the project so far with a pillar of “special” blocks. You should be seeking to emulate these structures-- they each do something unique. I do fear we are sliding into cookie-cutter daub fronted houses, which I don't want at all.

Once these plots are done, there will be a lull in opening any others due to having to go through and quality control a number of houses in already built sections.

In lighter news, I'm now looking for tests for the Seven Swords Inn-- familiarise yourself with the canon and let me see your tests. My only encouragement is that it be in the Dun Palette. Furthermore, canon states the inn is four storeys and towers over the other buildings. As such please ensure these four floors are generous in their height.

I'm also looking for tests for a couple of guild halls. Duskendale was big enough for Lord Darklyn to feel he had a legitimate claim on a charter for autonomy, so I feel these make sense. A few which come to mind that I think would be fitting is a guild of fishermen, grocers, and shipwrights. If you have any further ideas, I am open to suggestions.

A couple of shoutouts to some MVP's-- Ammika and Kulmen have continued to be stalwart rocks for me in being soundboards for my more 'out there' ideas and actually refining them into something good. WRMY and & Wolf are making great progress on the Dun Fort. Thanks to darkavenger for his help at the gatehouse, and being willing to challenge me on things which I'd overlooked. Thanks to Luk for his work on an area of the dock fronts. Thanks to Thamus for his excellent gatehouse ominously looming over the other riverbank. Thanks to Xeson for furnishing some tricky buildings!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, I look forward to coming home each day and seeing the progress we are making together-- may it continue!
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