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I found a spot in Duskendale Castle's bit tower that's inaccessable and completely empty of stuff, I don't know if this is already known about or not, but here it is regardless.


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Hey everyone

The northern section (new town) of Duskendale has been post-approved. The southern portion and Dun fort will follow at a later date. If you have built there, please check your houses and adjust them according to the given feedback (orange concrete blocks). If you have any questions regarding how to best resolve any of the issues, feel free to ask me in-game. Below, I have listed general feedback that should be checked for every house:​
  • D&W patterns can be improved if desired with vertical timber frames. There are a couple of things too keep in mind when you choose to do this:
    • No closed studding. The closed studding will be personally added to ensure its scarcity.​
    • If your house blends too much with its neighbouring houses, a palette switch to northern timbered frames can be done. These will need to be specially requested, as we are trying to keep them to a minimum.​
    • If you have updated the D&W framing on your house please also notify me or Veggie, so we can take a look.​
  • Check all windows if they have shutters or other functional ways to close them.​
  • Check if all furnaces are facing the correct direction. A recent update has reset the grey furnaces to their default direction. If you find any feel free to rotate them.​
  • Check if the support beams in your ceilings are spanning the shortest distance and if they are evenly spaced. One slab of space between them at minimum.
    • So either 2 stairs facing each other or placing a slab between the two stairs if they are facing away from each other.​
  • Try keeping 1x1 chests to a minimum.​
  • Small windows are preferably made out of black glass instead of normal glass.​
  • No 1x2 or spotty carpets.​
To keep Duskendale moving forward we are setting a relatively short date to address this feedback. Houses that have not yet been addressed by 28/10/2021, because the builder is no longer online enough will be opened up to the greater community. If you feel you have addressed all feedback please add a DONE block on the floating orange block above your house.

If you find anything you feel still needs fixing and might have been overlooked, either melon me or notify me. I'll gladly take a look. It's been a good year since Duskendale was completed and ever since it has been stuck in post-approval. Let's take this great town to the finish line!​
Hey everyone

I am happy to announce that the Duskendale post-approval has been completed. With this, the server build is finished. It took 431 days of building and 797 days of post-approval, but we made it to the end.

I would like to thank AlexIsTragic and Nuggets (Gibo Baby Stan) for their massive assistance with the later part of building the city and during the post-approval stage. Iwan , Luk and SeapunkPeaches for combing through the town during the post-approval process. Everyone who has helped finish Duskendale. And finally, Veggie for putting his trust in us and allowing us to help out in his absence.

Once Veggie gives his official stamp of approval and post-approval mods are satisfied with the fixes, Duskendale is fully finished and complete.