Project Suggestion: House Darklyn of Duskendale

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    Hello there,

    I would like to present you guys with a complete and extremely detailed Project Suggestion for House Darklyn of Duskendale. As the PDF is too large to be attached in this forum, here is the link:

    The Darklyn Project (Google Drive)

    The Darklyn Project is the result of a long process of brainstorming and fanon creation that began in June 2015, when I properly became interested in House Darklyn due to a forum RPG game held over at Sufficient Velocity, named Ghosts of Valyria. I had the great pleasure of playing the Darklyns of Duskendale in that game and, since then, my interest in the house has only grown. Nowadays the Darklyns are my favorite ASOIAF house and over these three years I have developed an original headcanon about them, which I am now pleased to share with the Westeroscraft community in order to provide assistance and inspiration for your future Duskendale builds.

    This Project Suggestion is structured as similarly as possible to a standard project application, although with none of the technical details, as I am not a skilled enough builder to satisfactorily offer them to you. At first I am going to present you with all the canon information we have on Duskendale, the Dun Fort and the Darklyns. Second, I will introduce you to my Darklyn fanon as a source of inspiration for your eventual build. At last, but not least, I offer suggestions as to how a Dun Fort and Duskendale build could look like in the server. I realize that the server’s timeframe is roughly A Clash of Kings, so I know the lordly Darklyns are extinct in your world and Duskendale is ruled by House Rykker. Nevertheless, Duskendale and the Dun Fort were Darklyn constructs and ought to be represented as such. The Rykkers have only ruled the former Darklyn lands for little over twenty years, which is nothing compared to their predecessors’ long eight thousand year history that dates back to the Age of Heroes and the First Men. Duskendale is a major location for Westeroscraft and ought to be built and represented accordingly.

    I would really appreciate if you guys took a second to look at it. I put my heart and soul into it. This is something that has been in the making for several years by now and I believe the end result could prove to be an inspiration for the future Duskendale build.

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    This is great, if you put even half the effort into becoming a fully-fledged builder you could apply to do the project yourself!
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    Thank you for the encouragement, but sadly I really don't have the time or the skill. I'm always willing to help as a lore consultant on anything, though!

    As for Fire and Blood, there is no new information relevant enough to a Duskendale build, only a confirmation that Duskendale (obviously) has tourney grounds and boatyards. My theory that the Dun Fort held out in the Dance of Dragons is incorrect: Lady Darklyn surrendered following the Sack, either to spare her husband's life or after his execution to avoid following his fate.
  4. Hey Rakdar,
    This is awesome work and we gladly encourage any fans of the world of ASOIAF to contribute to the server. It's certainly a shame you don't have the time to become a builder at the moment, (enthusiasm is the only skill we require) but you should certainly consider it if your schedule lightens up.

    Duskendale is being considered as one of the next server builds after White Harbor and Highgarden. I know @lemonbear has an interest in planning it too, so I'm sure your research will come in handy when we start to figure out plans for tackling it.
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    Thank you, that's all I ask.

    I did peek around in /warp duskendaletest a bit and I liked what I saw there, especially the houses. If it were up to me I'd make the Dun Fort itself larger (comparing it to one of the Highgarden towers next to the test area, it looks small-ish), wider in order to make it look squatter and darker because of its age (with Winterfell granite rather than dun bricks, which could be used for the rest of the Dun Fort though), also with fewer big windows. Other than that, I like the general feeling of it very much.
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    Potential inspiration for the entrance to the crypts in the godswood:

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    I have come across an artwork which pretty much nails how I imagine the Dun Fort looking in the Duskendale skyline (please ignore the thatch roofs and the dirt streets):


    It looks very imposing and martial-like. The defining features are the big drum towers and the large square keep, and it sits on a hill, like in canon (although the Dun Fort is in the middle of Duskendale, by the harbor, not by the town walls). Of course, only the color is off, as it is white instead of grey, but other than that it is a very insightful illustration.

    By the way, I've been exploring the Duskendale test area and I've seen the first draft layout of the city. I should note that Brienne never mentions a river in Duskendale, so it's unlikely there is one, although I quite like the idea behind an old vs. new city. The positioning of the Dun Fort seems to have been influenced by non-canon illustrations though (e.g. this one and this one), which is understandable but makes it non lore accurate. The Dun Fort probably sits on a hill by the harbor and is not close to the city walls, as Barristan had to actually walk the city streets disguised as a beggar in order to get to the castle. It also looks dreadfully small (the castle proper, not the keep), although that might be the scale speaking, and it is lacking a godswood, which I'm completely sure the Darklyns would have had. Aside from that, I would make different stylistic choices, e.g. making the Sept a lot darker, but that is ultimately up to you guys.
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  8. Love it!
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    Thanks :oops: