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im in no hurry :) just wanna apply for my cannon project soon :p
Good to hear! I believe you don’t need to have to approved minis but rather two completed ones. When me and inv applied for cobb I have only 1 approved mini and one awaiting approval. I think you should be fine ;)
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Heya! I've got some feedback for you here Pat regarding Goode, and Bechester.

First things first, scaling. You have a lot of tall and dense structures very close to each other. The castle, the motherhouse and the town being so close together makes the project feel very cramped. It eliminates the sense of distance between these places. This also isn't helped by the hamlet outside the castle which really makes the whole project feel clumped together in that area. I'd suggest either moving the motherhouse into the town as part of the town sept complex and then trying to either move the castle further from the town or closer to eliminate the current issue of scaling.

Secondly, the house style right now feels a lot like things I've seen at Orme, and Cobb, which are Reach projects. I'd advise trying to differentiate this so it doesn't feel like they're 'cookie-cutter houses'. What I mean by that is it looks like someone used the same mould for a house all over the place. Another point on the style, is some of the block choices don't evoke a Riverlands feel. Primarily I'm talking about white daub and white wood. This is something that should be more specific to Maidenpool (in the Riverlands only).

Third, Bechester's style reflects a very upper-middle-class house type, and the size of the town does not match up with that. I'm in favour of expanding the town, as it needs to be significant enough to have been burned. You also have to think it needs to be big enough to support a motherhouse, and again big enough to warrant such a large and impressive castle to defend it. Lastly, the eastern wall of Bechester is a straight line. This doesn't flow as well with the terrain and looks very strange.

The terraforming particular around rivers looks a bit odd. You have a lot of rivers where they're in a ditch, but the 1 level they are at is completely flat. This again creates a very strange look to it. I'd also discourage you from having the forest be so close to taller structures. The effect of this is that it makes those buildings look a lot smaller and messes up the vertical scale. I've spoken to you about helping with the forest, and I have a little list of trees that could be used here. Mainly Alders, Elms, Birches, Beeches and potentially Aspens. This may require me to dredge up a schem for Forest Alders, but I'm sure it can be done easily enough.

I think other Riverlands projects, in general, suffer a little bit because there's only a handful of active projects, each with their own vernacular style. This is your first project, which is a huge learning curve, so don't be too hard on yourself! Good luck

- Jake


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The sluice gate and frame over it could be streamlined and made less pronounced and thus creating focus on the waterwheel and other parts of the farmstead.
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