1. DaenerysTargaryenI

    Approved Project Application: House Willum by Daenerys (update/redo)

    Hi guys! I have decided to take House Willum as my first project! Because this is a foster project, I'm happy to be able to update/redo it! Some of the idea's/plans of Maci are still here. I'll insert the link below and if there are any questions or something that I've missed, feel free to ask...
  2. P

    Approved House Goode by Patrick_0901

    Hey there, i will hereby be applying for my first project. House Goode is a small but prominent house of the riverlands, sworn to house Tully. 3 members of the kingsguard have been chosen from this house. Their lands are filled with woods, farms and villages, and also the larger town of...
  3. InvertedWinger

    Approved Project Application: House Cobb by InvertedWinger and JJLyric

    As our first project JJ and I decided to co-op for Cobb. Here it is
  4. IMajic

    Approved House Cave by Majic

    House Cave document is to large to upload straight onto this thread, sorry thanks maj
  5. Shymon

    Abandoned Project Application: House Orme Update/Redo by Shymon

    Hello everyone! After ages, I finally managed to finish my tests and now with Ark's and Luk's blessing, I am applying for Orme. (Click on the Sigil to view the application) P.S. sorry for the weird spacing between images, Pages is such a pain to work with many images...
  6. _Simbaa

    Approved Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa special thanks to: Alex for providing me with a gradient Steineke Resumé: Wendwater Chyttering Westbrook Ashwood (a whole bunch of minis ) Canon: We do not know much about the House apart from its members being on the Targaryen side at Battle of...
  7. Margaery_Tyrell

    Completed The Tor by Margaery Tyrell

    Hello I am appearling for a redo for The Tor under the Abandoned Build Clause of which The Tor is currently listed in the Projects Orphanage as detailed here: I am also submitting these pictures of proof of abandoned state of...
  8. Desmera

    Approved House Nayland of Hag's Mire by Desmera

    Hello Westeroscraft, I would like to apply for house Nayland, vassal of House Frey of the Crossing! Thanks for the feedback and questions!