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Thought I'd give an update on the current progress of Highgarden as it's been a little while.

The Castle itself is almost finished bar some ints which I know many people have been waiting to be open. The remaining parts available to test for or ask permission to build are as follows:

Castle Proper:

- Maester's Tower and infirmary (Ints): TEST
- Tyrell Family Palace all remaining ints: TEST
- Wine Store + Dungeons (ints): Ask Permission
- Godswood: Requires finishing but please submit any test variants on the current layout if you like
- East-Gate Carriage Buildings and Stables (ints): Ask Permission
- South-Gate Stables (Ints + finishing): Ask Permission
- Maze Roundel Gardens (3 remaining): TEST
- Warehouses in the Kitchen quarter (2 remaining): Ask Permission
- Water cistern + plumbing beneath the castle (Plotting + completing): Ask Permission
- Sept + Septry Crypts (Finish Plotting + "furnish"): Ask Permission + tests welcome

Castle Extended:

- Extended Tyrell family park (on the riverfront): TEST

In regard to the surrounding lands, we've added a Haymarket outside the main town gates, with a WIP moat. This small settlement is partially plotted and will be open over the weekend.

The main town is completed except for the buildings with note blocks above them. Please read the signs if you're interested in completing those that are open for contribution. The village south of HG has plots but no tags yet, which we'll add in the coming days. As per usual, areas open for building will be marked with a gold line in the sky around the open areas.

@Enah can fill us in on his amazing work with the surrounding lands and other settlements in HG.

If you're interested in contributing to any of the work above that needs doing, give us a shout just so we can make sure we can track who's working on what.

Thanks Baes


Xeson here with a shout :):
  1. finished tests for all remaining circular gardens on my plot (for five months now, with the already existing feedback from @Arkilstorm , that he for example likes the yellow one)
    • Please note: There are different alternatives for the garden tests, choose which one you like most. My favorites are marked with citadel green marble - I'm open for feedback or any reasons why they don't fit in - feel free to tell me and break the "cloak of silence" ;).
  2. finished test for the third floor of the Family Palace on my plot too (requires feedback from @Enah as far as I know).
Best regards,

I started a test for the Maester’s Tower but I’m staying with my parents atm and they’re having a few WiFi issues so for the time being I can't get on the server regularly. I'll finish the test when I can get back on (probably within the coming fortnight) but in the meantime if somebody else has a suitable test please don't wait around for me to finish mine.



I'd like to apply for the holdfast south of Highgarden (hghf1).

The holdfast will be a castle south-west of Highgarden, which was built to defend Highgarden against raiders on the Mander and invaders from the south and west. The east side of the castle, facing Highgarden, is much less well defended so that the fortification could be easily reclaimed in the event of the castle being conquered.

It will be located between the Mander and a tributary from Hornhill, on the border with Oldflowers. The castle has a large open courtyard and a triangular layout, which will have some signs of a host having camped on the castle grounds. The main gate on the south side of the castle is defended by a forecastle, which houses the kitchens, stables and servant quarters. The keep of the castle faces west.

The castle is entirely surrounded by water; the Mander on one side, the Hornhill tributary on the other, split to accommodate the forecastle. On the remaining side, facing Highgarden, the castle is defended by a small moat.

There will be farmland on the Highgarden side of the holdfast.

Overall view of the holdfast

The keep is a half-circle tower, facing the river

The interior of the keep is one room on each floor

The forecastle is a later addition to the castle, and is situated on an island between the tributary and the moat

Check out the tests at /warp estoop.
Hey just noticed that the rose fields have been put in and they look great! However I have a few suggestions I hope you guys take into consideration that might make them look a little better

1) Mix up the ground pallete

I think the roses would look better with some kind of ground pallet under them to break apart the monotony of the grass under them utilizing fallen leaves, patches of forest biome, or a combo of both.

Original ground mix

Fallen Leaves Only

Forest Biome patches only

Forest biome and fallen leaves combo.

Patches of forest biome can be applied easily and by hand with the voxel command /b biome forest.

2) Neaten up the edges

I also think that perhaps along the edges of the fields a few stands of trees and enclosures with stone walls or hedges could neaten up the edges of the fields and help define the areas the roses are being cultivated in and also give them a vertical element to break apart the flatness.

Example of a HG stone wall

Example of a HG hedge wall

3) The coverage of roses.

In some areas the roses seem a bit too expansive and feel like a rose desert so to speak and I think the scope of the rose fields could be dialed back a bit like so:

Blue is a connecting road

Anyways thank you for reading and hope to get some good feedback :D


I prefer the mixture of forest biome and fallen leaves for the ground mix, the current ground mix is pretty plain. I, personally, liked how there were a lack of hedges along the internal roads but would definitely like to see some hedges going around.
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Dowager Countess of Grantham
Thanks for the feedback Marge, always welcome.

As I did state in-game at the moment the plotting for the roses, and the field details haven't been added at all yet. These are far from finished. We'll be adding in the detailing and finishing off the ground mix, the walls/field edges etc in due course.