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Just a reminder and a repost about Highgarden, a few updates as well.

1. There is a new model under construction, can be seen around /warp highgardenmodel, based on the Palais de la Cite. It is in progress but some feedback may be nice.
2. If you are testing for the Sept, there is a layout on the model. I don't want to be picky but if you plan on testing for it, the inspiration must be the Sainte Chapelle.
3. Testing is still open at /warp highgardentest.



I am pleased to announce that starting now, all builders are encouraged to assist in the testing process for Highgarden in an effort to see to the eventual commencement of that project. These are informal early stages, but I expect the general concept of the project to be hashed out by the builders.

I hope you are excited about this, I expect it will be fun.

The testing area is at /warp highgardentest. There are several dedicated regions:

Tower test: Fairly important, try to not make them too tall. There are two different keep types: Ancient and Tyrell.
The Ancient towers are blocky, square, were built by the Gardeners and use a different palette. The Tyrell towers are tall, round, elegant, and use a newer palette.

Gate and Wall test: Have no ideas at the moment. Remember all walls will be curved and circular, so test accordingly.

Sept Test: I'm pretty much already set on my plan for the sept, but you are welcome to test, see if you can really impress me.

House Test: Test for these!! I am most looking forward to seeing what people come up with here. Test any sort of palette, just try to keep to whitewash.

Garden Test: Gardens should be classy, elegant, and not too modern. See if you can find some medieval garden examples. I don't want Bernini fountains in the middle of a Florentine garden.

That's most everything. I have already made a test for the great hall, which I will be using.

Below is a set of inspiration pictures that will be helpful:

Have fun​
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How do you feel things are looking with the current tests? Would you say the walls and houses are the priority atm?


The hall's roof timbers look great, while personally I am not a big fan of the cross roof, I think the stone vaulting if permanent needs big columns to support it if that hasn;t been remembered that is :)


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The hall's roof timbers look great, while personally I am not a big fan of the cross roof, I think the stone vaulting if permanent needs big columns to support it if that hasn;t been remembered that is :)
Good point, not sold on it yet either. Will get to that once the building commences, i.e. when the planning on the castle is complete.

Which by the way, if anyone is wondering what is going on at Highgarden, castle planning has started. Once the outlines are set, I will open it up for building. Until then, keep testing! I need help figuring out the style for this and a lot of you have more experience with the server's new styles than I do.
If you want to test, go to /warp highgardentest or /warp highgardenmodel. Especially test for the two gates on the inner courtyard, labelled "Oakheart Gate" and "Redwyne Gate." The significance of these will be illustrated once planning is complete.


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We should work out a plan for the build going forward now that Tsar's stepping back from the server.

If we're happy with Tsar's current plotting at /warp Highgarden I'd be happy to keep building it out if one of the senior mods wants to take on a supervising role, otherwise we could open the floor to others who might want to take charge of the project.
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I'm super (super) excited for Highgarden. If there's anyway I can help I would LOVE to participate in the testing phase to keep the ball rolling on this!
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I'd definitely love to work on some of the surrounding lands (fields, towns, hamlets, etc), and I could help on the castle as well but not sure if I will take a huge role as far as plotting and such.


I really like the original model and current wool castle Tsar built and put in place, I'd love it if we can continue on that current model and test? It would also act as a lasting legacy for Tsar!
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The three successive steps of ring walls look in good shape and the tall, slim newer towers give the castle a great medieval fantasy look. However, as we value canon so much we should include the other specified parts of Highgarden.
The current layout is described as having "The oldest towers, squat and square, from the Age of Heroes. Newer towers are tall and slender, round fortifications dating from after the Andal invasion".
It seems as if this was overlooked until the last minute as only a small steward's tower is given this look. It also makes sense if one of the squat square towers are centered in relation to the first ring of walls, since they were the first to be built. I believe it is best if we change either tower #2 or #4 (Guest Tower and Maester's Tower) to the ancient First Men look, or shift the layout west and increase the stewards tower size so it becomes more centered and has a look of being an outdated Lord's Tower.
Food for thought.


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Just thinking about the maze for Highgarden today ... it should somehow incorporate a pattern that looks like the Tyrell Golden Rose ... perhaps there could be five of these sigils equidistant in the outer ring? I think that would be more "visible" than to use the entire circle to represent this pattern. Here's an image that's more geometrical that we could mock up a maze design with. Maybe there is a small courtyard or fountain in the center of each rose?

Also, there should be several statues scattered throughout. For example, the Labyrinth at Versailles had around 40 statues representing Aesop's Fables. Would be cool to depict heroes, legends, events in GoT through these statues and would make exploring them more fun.

Would also be a killer place to put a clue for the scavenger hunt!