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Hello it has been one year exactly since I last necro'd this thread with a new proposal for Highgarden, in order to propose an expansion of Highgarden's underground bits. I have already approached both Enah and Arkilstorm for permission and both have given their blessing.

For background it never really sat well with me that what is likely one of Westeros' oldest castles (up there with Winterfell, Storm's End and Casterly Rock) lacks more instances of ancient examples of the castle's past and for the most part heavily features Tyrell-era architecture. In addition its crypts are no where near in size to what Winterfell has and could benefit from further expansion to include the centuries of Gardener Kings.

I seek permission to add on to what already exists by adding three entrances to Highgarden's oldest parts (The wine storage, the steward's tower and the Highgarden crypts) that lead to Gardener-era vaults, crypts and tunnels as remnants of Highgarden's history, which will feature Gardener mosaics and shields, Lower levels of Gardener King Crypts with the very lowest being flooded in from the Mander intruding through the watertable, roots from the now extant Oakenseat, dark vaults and other nooks and crannies to explore and connect Highgarden with. All this will be connected together to give more reason to explore the dark and ancient recesses of Highgarden in contrast to the light and airy chambers of the castle proper.

I have the three entrance locations already chosen as shown in these pictures

In the basement of the steward's tower which would lead to ancient vaults and tunnels that formed early Highgarden's infrastructure before the Tyrells became hereditary stewards and the Steward's Tower was a Gardener residence.


An entrance here would serve as the entry point to the now rarely-visited Gardener King vaults where the Kings of the Reach were laid to rest. The lowest levels of the crypts are now completely/partially flooded over by the Mander River subsuming through the stone via the watertable (excellent chance to show off waterlogging), but the statues and crypts still call back to The Reach's history.


Its hard to tell from this picture but this is an already existing hidden tunnel in Highgarden connecting the wine vault and the Lesser Tyrells Wing via an empty cask of wine and a cabinet. Another entrance here to connect to the Highgarden underground would be great here as well.

Thank you for your consideration, and any ideas if any are greatly welcome in addition to what I already have.


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Exciting plans Margaery_Tyrell!

I visited a number of catacombs last year, but I don't think I took pictures (felt a bit out of place to do so).
Let me know if you need any help, I would love to help with a chamber or something.
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Mkay the Highgarden Underground is complete!

There are 3 entrances to the Underground all that require puzzle-work to find/open the entrances to the underground. Please reset any mechanisms that you interact with, but the majority reset-themselves.
The three main areas of the HG Underground include: The Crypts, The Storages, Dungeons. They all include exits back to HG Proper so don't panic if you feel locked in.

I had considered upgrading Susan's cave to something more purposeful (An Ancient Eldritch City, a more detailed/realistic cave, A temple-like complex) but I got lazy.