In Progress Application Thread: House Varner Redo by Jakethesnake

closed studding wasn’t a thing when i applied, and was a recent change.
Please check the above link to Emote's map. We've region locked close studding for a variety of reasons, but a principal one being that we didn't want to create style outliers in regions that were mostly complete without using it.


as per my previous message, closed studding IS allowed but not as the main feature block. i’ve heard this from emot. and this shouldn’t be news to anyone given the fact that i updated this thread a few months ago, detailing the change of house style. if there were issues that needed resolving with it, things should have been said at the time, not however many months on. let me also add, varner is a whitewash area, and so the closed studding being whitewash in aino’s test is fine anyway.


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I can't really remember what I said in-game, so I can't confirm/deny that. My preference has always been that people follow the posted rules/guidelines and open a ticket for discussion if they find the rules/guidelines too restrictive or unclear, rather than having everything rest on word of mouth and laissez-faire precedents. I don't intend to be a singular dictator over block use policy whose word determines what's ok and what isn't, but rather to facilitate global, agreed-on stylistic choices for our server's regions and subregions.

I've tried to discourage people from using close-studding in Reach villages, because I don't think it fits with the established style or IRL stylistic influences very well, but I've also generally been lenient on its use in small accentual uses - insofar as it looks good and doesn't seem stylistically out of place. When I last scrutinized the Varner style (after you updated some houses in the village) it didn't seem too objectionable, but I can take another look when I'm in-game next.

I'll add that if Veggie, as your other approving mod, feels there are any issues with the current style, his feedback stands on its own - my voice doesn't override his or vice-versa. Also, if feedback is "late" it should still be paid heed, though if the lateness of the feedback makes it infeasible to address the issue then that's another issue.
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Hey! Here's finally my application for the Varner cidery. It's not perfect and prolly is going to need a lot of feedback and rework, but tell me if you'd like to fix anything.


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So, I've got some terra from the neighbouring projects (newbarrel and bitterbridge) that need to be nuked to make way for the river, just checking its allowed. It isn't too much that needs to be sorted, just enough to smooth out the terrain and avoid having sheer cliffs. I have marked out the rough area needed to deal with this.

I also still have a few minis that need doing, a hamlet and a small septry. RavishmeRed is working on an application for the hunting lodge, Nicodeemus for the cidery and Aino for another hamlet. After that, it's a matter of polishing some terrain, finishing plots, finishing the castle, doing fields, doing the forest and then I'm done.
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Happy for you to alter stuff around your river. Can I ask you to do so sympathetically so where you’ve had to change pastures or fields you replace them as much as you can on top of your new terra around the river.

Is this reasonable? Could do with a thumbs up from Emote too as it’s altering neighbouring stuff.


Stuff happened. I did part of the river which joins with the bitterbridge river. thanks to kul, aeks and emot for the in-game tips and advice! Really happy with how its going. Also, I plan on doing part of the forest soon, so I will need good ole thamus' services if its not too much trouble.


So, as the project advances, the blight of the rocky hills is looming. If there's anyone who's labour I can explo- I mean outsource, I'd really appreciate it. Just someone to show me the ropes and help me get them done. The type of thing I'm looking for is similar those at Rhysling.