In Progress Application Thread: House Varner Redo by Jakethesnake

Yea I agree with what Emote said, its always good to have a back up somewhere and later you can reuse houses either in the original area or somewhere else, its a good compromise between fixing & redoing!
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Oh yeah that makes much more sense, and the probies who built there aren’t out of a house. Alright I’ll paste them up in the sky then. I a hundred percent agree about doing terrain first, it just cuts out setbacks like this in the future. As Endy said, a first project is always a learning experience.
The terrain is going somewhat smoothly, Kul and I have worked on carving the riverbed draining the Varner lake, its just a matter of smoothing and painting in the river.

The castle is something that alex and I have been reworking with the help of WhereRmyDragons, so thanks to them. The new inspiration is Chateau de Mauvezin, in the Pyrenees, and the new test looks like this

It's been a while since I have updated you guys on the forums. So the village of Varner has been replotted, I salvaged as many houses as I could, as well as the sept. The inn has been redone with a special thanks to RavishmeRed and thecoddfish for providing inspiration. Also, Codd built a house at Varner in a different style which I have fallen in love with and implemented on a handful of houses in the village. So, thanks so much codd. I've been slowly working on terraforming in the area, Kulmen has started to give me some river feedback and tips. I've created a feedback board for people who wish to leave constructive criticism which I'm working to implement. As I chip through the terrain sculpting, I've also been planning where the forest is going to be, and also some of the minis written in my app. (Feedback on that is also welcome). After the forest has been tackled, Aeksio and I had talked a while back about the rocky hills (I'm not sure they qualify as mountains) to the east and a little in the north. So if he's still open to help me work on that part of the project, I'd appreciate it. Or if anyone else feels like helping me, that'd be good too. I'll update the thread with screenshots of the changes shortly.

- Jake