In Progress Application Thread: House Varner Redo by Jakethesnake


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Yea I agree with what Emote said, its always good to have a back up somewhere and later you can reuse houses either in the original area or somewhere else, its a good compromise between fixing & redoing!
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Oh yeah that makes much more sense, and the probies who built there aren’t out of a house. Alright I’ll paste them up in the sky then. I a hundred percent agree about doing terrain first, it just cuts out setbacks like this in the future. As Endy said, a first project is always a learning experience.


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The terrain is going somewhat smoothly, Kul and I have worked on carving the riverbed draining the Varner lake, its just a matter of smoothing and painting in the river.

The castle is something that alex and I have been reworking with the help of WhereRmyDragons, so thanks to them. The new inspiration is Chateau de Mauvezin, in the Pyrenees, and the new test looks like this


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It's been a while since I have updated you guys on the forums. So the village of Varner has been replotted, I salvaged as many houses as I could, as well as the sept. The inn has been redone with a special thanks to RavishmeRed and thecoddfish for providing inspiration. Also, Codd built a house at Varner in a different style which I have fallen in love with and implemented on a handful of houses in the village. So, thanks so much codd. I've been slowly working on terraforming in the area, Kulmen has started to give me some river feedback and tips. I've created a feedback board for people who wish to leave constructive criticism which I'm working to implement. As I chip through the terrain sculpting, I've also been planning where the forest is going to be, and also some of the minis written in my app. (Feedback on that is also welcome). After the forest has been tackled, Aeksio and I had talked a while back about the rocky hills (I'm not sure they qualify as mountains) to the east and a little in the north. So if he's still open to help me work on that part of the project, I'd appreciate it. Or if anyone else feels like helping me, that'd be good too. I'll update the thread with screenshots of the changes shortly.

- Jake


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The village, the new house style, the village from another angle and the inn respectively


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light green = fields
pink = minis
purple = special builds requiring permission
dark green = sheep pastures
cyan = forest

I decided my map plan needed an update bc the terra was not what I planned lol.
As the terra completion closes in, I've decided to plan minis
So, the northernmost hamlet is going to be changed to a sheepskin industry, so keep that in mind.
The hamlet just south will have 4-7 houses, dedicated to quarrying workers, which will be in the hills to the west.
The hunter's lodge will be on the border of the forest, not much info to give there.
The final hamlet will have 2-4 houses and will be dedicated to logging. I have a sawmill marked in the west, but after some consideration, it will be moved to the small stream east of this hamlet.
Finally, there will be a septry, bc the varners are in the reach and would worship the seven.
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Nice plans Jake!
Just a comment on the amount of lakes/large ponds: I think there might be too many of them, I'd recommend to remove the one to the S-W (near the sawmill), and also to connect the N-W one (near the holdfast) to the rest of your rivers down to the Mander. Unless there would be very high terrain preventing them to erode their way through, I don't think it would make too much sense to have an isolated lake here.
In my opinion, you could just connect the rivers north of the hunter lodge, with a bit of terra.

My 2 cents, and I'm not your approving mods, so feel free to follow this or not :)

Edit: you could reduce a bit the amount of very small and short streams as well
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What didn’t make sense is that there was a triangular flow between the lake in the top right and the connecting waterways. It had seemingly a huge cut through while also flowing into the lake. It just didn’t make sense. But the current set up would make sense without much work.
When I was working on the hills with you I didn’t go northwards around that holdfast.
It wouldn’t be too much effort to connect that waterway near the holdfast to the rest of the system, we just have to raise some things and cut away a few smaller things. Not too hard


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Map looks good! I agree with Eld's suggestion; it should be fine to connect waterways so long as you make sure that smaller waterways only ever merge to create larger waterways, and that there's no bifurcation going on. Other than that, your plans for the minis and everything sound fine to me.
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Kul and I have been at work on the hydrology at Varner, and Aeks has been very helpful with the hills. Here are some updates requiring mod approval.

Varner's 1st hamlet that I'd like to open with mod approval.

A cidery mini near Varner's main village (to be approved by mods)

A hunting lodge at Varner

A hamlet mini who's industry is slate mining similar to fingermerton. As that's the only place with a slate mine on the server I figured it would be good to have another. I will do the quarry, but the hamlet is up for grabs.

Finally, a holdfast Scubooty and I worked on


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okay minis are open and plots at /warp varnerham1

minis are a slate processing hamlet where workers of the nearby mine work
/warp varnerham2

a cidery outside the main village
/warp varnercidery

a hunting lodge near varnerhamlet1
/warp varnerhuntinglodge

applications are open for em


Im applying for Varnerham2, Sapville is almost done I figure by the time this gets approved sapville will be done, this is a simple ham, 9 houses most are farmers or miners at the nearby mine, every yard has a garden two houses have a shared garden, 1 watermill, 1 sept with a lynchyard maybe for the dead miners, 1 barn and vibe place outside, A stream in the middle, I want to give builders more options with the house, they can use grey or regular daub and wattle, and thatch or oak for roofs the sept will be slate, theres two types of house feel free to chose which style, anyways I'm excited for my first main after this


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lich yard not a lynchyard. sapp worked closely under my eye for the plotting. remember to credit people who help you. as sapp said, i thought that giving the builders as much freedom as possible is the best course of action for plots.