1. EverlastEvil

    In Progress Project Application: House Amber by EverlastEvil

    Hey there, here's my application for the vanquished House Amber of the North! Here's the Link-
  2. Jakethesnake8_8

    In Progress Application Thread: House Varner Redo by Jakethesnake

    Greetings moderators! I'd like to apply for my first canon project, the fostering of House Varner. Attached is the application document with the details of the foster.
  3. SeapunkPeaches

    In Progress [APPEAL APPROVED] Driftmark by Dragons

    House Velaryon by Dragons Lyberr High Hermitage Red Keep Mallery the Dun Fort (WIP) Canon House Velaryon is an ancient house of Valyrian descent that commands the Gullet from the island of Driftmark. Here is the new canon: Plans The project needs to be changed drastically in order to...
  4. jMp007

    In Progress House Haigh by jMp007

    ah shit, here we go again
  5. otty

    In Progress Mance's Camp - A Farewell Project to Otty's Sanity

    Here it finally is. But take note this may be designed but it is very much me trynna look fancy but not actually putting any effort into doing so. More just me mucking around on Indesign. SPOILERS ARE CONTAINED IN THIS DOC
  6. SseriousBusiness

    In Progress House Peake of Starpike - Project Application by SseriousBusiness

    Hey guys, Sorry for the confusion but, when the palette issue was brought up, I didn't have the time to focus and be online because of a portfolio and an early christmas trip. Added to that I had to adapt and learn a palette I've never used before compared to my months of work with the...
  7. Emoticone11

    In Progress Project Application: Wickenden Redo

    Project's been WIP for forever, here's the original post though. Project's approved by Estoop and Banty currently.