Abandoned Project Application: House Orme Update/Redo by Shymon


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Hello everyone!
After ages, I finally managed to finish my tests and now with Ark's and Luk's blessing, I am applying for Orme.
(Click on the Sigil to view the application)

House Orme.png

P.S. sorry for the weird spacing between images, Pages is such a pain to work with many images...
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Hello again, there were some changes to the borders and Luk had some changes for the house style, so I am posting the official Orme Style Revision A:

Here's the new map with new borders and a brand-new mini:
Legend: H - Hamlet, HF - Holdfast, HP - Hunting Party, X - Windmill demolition, Fruit emojis represent orchards
Orme Plan.png

Also, Luk has improved my house tests and the new examples are floating above the original tests.
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I am thoroughly loving these plans, the germanic vibe will be an interesting blend into the Stormlands which isn't far. Good luck!
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Happy to run my scripts, with one caveat:
You plot, plan, and paint where what kind of forest goes.

I only have a limited amount of time on my hands so I'd like to cut back on the things that I need to do and painting the terrain is unfortunately the most time-consuming!
I'll gladly teach you how to do it though.

And another small note: I'd suggest you approach the forested areas as Marge has done at Norridge. We'll wipe the current forest, then you plot all paths and structures you want in the forest area, and then as a final pass, I come in and add the trees, etc.


Lord Lannister
Sounds great! I'm still not approved yet, so you'd have to show me on a "test", I'll do whatever you need of me, I just need to catch you while you're online.
I also agree with your suggested approach to the forests.
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Anyway, here goes.

I have little objection to this redo/project application. I like the style, it's far enough away from Rousemont to not clash with the style there, the town houses borrow bits from Grassy Vale, and I suggest you heed Luk's advice and incorporate the Tumbleton style.

The castle layout is good, and I think the palette is basically the same or very similar to the one used for the Tumbleton walls, correct?

One issue, or rather one question I have is about how much of a redo we have to expect. First you say, you plan to only update the area, but then you plan to a) nuke and redo the fields, b) nuke and redo the forests, c) nuke and redo the castle and d) redo the town. I assume you're going to update the other houses, mills and barns, too? You're basically planning to keep the general plan, but rebuild it from scratch. Correct?


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Yeah, I can work with Luk on the style, and well, the palette is quite common and I do not deny the possibility that it's similar to TT's castle, but I only saw TT's castle after I chose the palette and after I built most of my Orme castle test, I did borrow some structural bits, but that's about it.

And about the redo; the forests and the castle will be completely redone.
The fields will be just adjusted to be more realistic, I don't think complete nuking is necessary, but if more skilled builders suggest that they're too outdated, I might redo them. Overall I am more inclined to just updating them.
Lastly, I think this is where the redo definition gets blurry, therefore I would like to do a KL style update, most of the plotting will remain as originally laid, most likely adjust the yards, but I want to make the houses more modern styled.


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Thamus_Knoward could you pray tell me once again how should I prepare the lands for your forest scripts? Please don't leave out any details.
Thanks once again for your help with the forests. :)


Alright, so I've got 7 principal forest types:
1. Beech
2. Spruce, Dense
3. Spruce, Sparse
4. River Floodplain
5. Carr
6. Driesch
7. A mixed Oak/Birch Forest used at Norridge

I'd suggest using 1. primarily though 2, and 3. as a continuation of the forests at Rousemont into Orme.

What I need you to do is to paint the surface layer of the ground with placeholders according to which forest type you want where.
You can draw smooth transitions by mixing two placeholders.
I placed the dense spruce forest exclusively on terrain that was steeper than around 30 degrees.
I have a script that generates a raised bog type water pattern, which I used in depressions that had no visible drainage.
Where you want a smoother transition to unforested land I'd need you to draw in a buffer placeholder.
Placeholders cannot be wool!

That's all I can think of rn! I'm jumping in game though to help you nuke what's there!


Lord Lannister

Requirements for a Mini

Due to my neglect and lack of will to do my pastures (and the lack of minis), I am opening some pastures to be applied for as a mini.​

If you're interested in these minis, feel free to message me on the forums or on discord for more details.
  • General idea on what kind of details and buildings (other than the hall house. If applies) you want to have on your pasture.
  • Hall house test. A house at 1682 15240 could be used for inspiration. Also read the Wikipedia article. (The word "article" is clickable.)
  • An eye for landscaping. (Not compulsory per se, but would be ideal, just know what you're doing...)
You can use the pastures around Tumbleton as inspiration.

Here are some requirements for each kind of a mini:


  • Complete farmstead test.
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Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but I think so.
I'm applying for Orme HF1, there's a test at my plot ( /warp Pept1c ), its still a WIP but its mostly finished. I left some signs there explaining stuff.
Once again, maybe this isn't the right space to post it, and please do inform me if I've done something wrong.
(its the flying piece of land)

Also please leave feedback!
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