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The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey everyone! Just finished exams recently and am gearing up for a summer push on some stuff, so I figured it was high time for an update!


Green is completely done! Feel free to explore it, criticize it, get a head start on post-approval (wink wink), etc.

One thing though, I've circled the castle with
orange... I may try to update/redo the castle, however I will only do this as the very last thing before completely finishing the project.

Purple is my current WIP area. It's quite a bit larger than the finished area, though I anticipate being able to work on it quicker due to it being divided neatly into four subtasks, which I will probably approach in the following order: 1. Beach, 2. Land/fields/hamlets, 3. Mountain terraforming, 4. Forest! Note that I'll pobably update/redo the small slices of forest that are there so far, since my technique has gotten better, though the general concept will remain the same.

Yellow is the part I'll tackle 3rd. There's really not much work involved here, so it should be pretty quick. I'll basically be making some beach dune landscape, transitioning into shrubby pine forest, transitioning into the normal forest I made there. There'll be another meadery somewhere around there too.

Blue will come four- JK lol, don't worry, I'm not doing this as part of Wickenden. However, I may make a seperate app to update Ruthermont following Wickenden. The reason being, I'd like to give the eastern forest continuity all the way up to the mountains, and redo the mountains themselves as part of mine & Fin's coordinated terraforming efforts.

Red is Redfort, i.e. Fin's lands. As I said, we're working together on the mountains between our two projects. Here's a map courtesy of Fin.

BTW @EStoop , I heard you were looking for someone to help out with marshes... I might be willing to make a deal, if you help me out with field plotting in the new section ;)


The Dark Lord Sauron
Update time! The western forest is complete, check it out!


The only things I have left at this point is the purple area - assorted hamlets, fields, and a holdfast - and the yellow area - beach and dune terraforming.

The purple should be done by Stoop in the next few months, as we've made a deal where I help out with some of the terraforming at Fairmarket in exchange for him doing that section. And the yellow shouldn't take very long once I get started, as the beaches aren't terribly difficult to do. I'll just be experimenting with some dune->forest transitions most likely.

For now though, I'm going to take a little break so I can hopefully get another large push on White Harbor going and maybe test some Oldtown houses :)


The Dark Lord Sauron
I made a little map of my plans to the east (hopefully I’ll get some free time to work on it soon)


The areas with mixed sand & grass will be some dune landscape, which will extend until the cliffs start at Ruthermont (a bit off picture).

Like I mentioned in the Dyre Den application thread, I will probably modify the beaches to be a bit wetter and muddier so the stretch of beach doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. I think most of the coasts along the eastern Westeros in general should either be cliffs or beach though, with more cliffs in along the stormlands and cracklaw coasts, beaches in the gentler bays (such as the one wickenden is on), and stoney beaches in the northern Vale (i.e. around the fingers).

(1) will be a meadery, offset a bit into the dunes.

(2) will be a small farming hamlet.

The gray enclosed areas will be fields (just ordinary staple crops, nothing special) and pastures.

Dark green is forests. The ones near the farming hamlet will be some planted trees used for coppicing and as a windbreak for the farms/pastures.


The Dark Lord Sauron
!! Mini alert !!

I'm opening the hamlet in the map above (/warp wdh5) for applications. I don't have a ton of backstory other than that it's a rural farming hamlet near the coast. Should mostly include animal pastures (some rough suggestions were given in the map above) and a couple fields. I ended up having a bit more room between the road and the coast, so the above map isn't entirely accurate, so there should be a bit more room for fields.

Style should be a rural Germanic style similar to /warp wdh1, but a bit poorer and more rustic.

If you're interested, please apply with a more detailed map of your plans and a style test. You can modify the roads a bit in your plans from what's there currently if you feel you need to. Feel free to discuss more with me in-game.
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The Dark Lord Sauron
Quick update:

- Mostly finished the coastal landscape to the east. Just need someone to apply for and plan out /warp wdh5 before I can start finishing terraforming the forest/grass there, which should be fairly quick.

- Started working on the area to the very west, near the Saltpans border. No coastal dunes here, just a small beach and perhaps some mud flats.

- I've opened /warp wdh4 for as a hamlet mini for applications. Please read the signs at the warp for more info if you're interested. My plans here aren't as solidifed at all yet, so there's a bit of flexibility in mapping it out.

- After this I'll start working my way back east (no pressure EStoop !).


Lord Lannister
Hello Emot,
I'd like to apply for a mini at /warp wdh4.

I know you don't have any solid plans yet, but how big should it be (how many houses/buildings)?
Should it be more near to the crossroads or more near to the coast?

I can't think of more questions at the moment, but I will inquire if any questions shall arise in the process.
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The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey Shy,

Glad to see you're interested!

I'd aim for around 7 small farming houses clustered around the crossroads (feel free to adjust the crossroads as you need to make the layout interesting), as well as some more houses scattered around the fields and pastures.

The hamlet should be near the current marker, by the crossroads. I think between the coast and the hamlet we can have more fields and/or pastures, and possibly some rows of polled/coppiced trees lining the coast in some areas to help with wind.

BTW, the big orange chunk of land near the hamlet marker is meant to be fields (standard grain fields specifically), but just a rough indication of location. It should probably be split into multiple fields following the open field system and crop rotation. I didn't mark fields at all closer to the coast because I was terraforming that area, but feel free to add some there.

For the application, please make a map (drawing over the livemap is fine), detailed enough to show rough house locations, fields, pastures, etc. Also make an example house showing the style, which should be a cross between the rural Riverlands style and the style being developed at /warp wdh3.


Lord Lannister
I am once again asking to apply for the Wickenden Hamlet №4 at /warp wdh4;
We already discussed the style of the houses (btw don't forget to check the three houses at the back ), so this is just a formality.

Here is the plan:
[Legend: Red - house, Yellow -barn/shed, Filled yellow - tithe barn, Blue - fisherman, W - Well, Spt - Sept/prayer house]
wdh4 plan.jpg
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The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey Shymon,

This looks pretty good! Regarding the fields in the big orange area, they don't need to be special in terms of layout, compared to the other fields in your plans. The orange is basically just a leftover from when I was first planning out the project; it doesn't mean anything special.

I've been working with you pretty closely on this though, so I'm happy to approve. Just keep in touch with your planning in-game.

I've realized that neither of my original approving mods are still mods, but Veggie and Ramen indicated that they would be interested in jumping on. So once one of them gives your plans a second pair of eyes and approves, you're good to go.


The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey Contra,

Overall I think your plans and everything look good. The only thing is there needs to be a commons and meadow area where the farmsteads can take their animals to graze. Two options for this: to the west of the central hamlet area (replacing the leftmost fields in the map), or that area to the northeast (mostly off your map, but replacing the northeasternmost field).

Also, I've realized that it might make sense for there to be a very small holdfast or knight's estate here, given the distance from both Ruthermont and Wickenden. Doesn't need to be right next to the hamlet, could be up the road to the north a bit for instance.

Happy to approve once you've updated the map with those two proposed changes (if you agree with both).