White Harbor Sprawl Plotting Applications

Hey everyone,

Since university picked up again recently, I've found myself with less free time on my hands, which I feel is more important to devote to working on stuff like the block updates for Oldtown and Highgarden at the moment.

So, in the name of Democracy glorious dictatorship of the proletariat, I thought opening up sections of the White Harbor sprawl for builders to apply to plot, as a kind of special mini-build, would allow for a better distribution of work and also letting people in the community have a chance to shine.

If you're interested in helping finish White Harbor sprawl, please see the following application form & requirements! You can submit your application as a reply to this thread and it must be approved by me and another moderator.

White Harbor Sprawl Plotting - Application Form

  • Applicant must have experience going through plotting and feedback at least once- in other words, having done at least a mini-build (hamlet) that's finished and approved. Please indicate which build(s) you've plotted in the past.

  • Each application requires, at the minimum (more information below) either a drawn map or a layout in the Test world indicating individual house plots, yards, fields, and other plans.

  • Please cross-reference the following two maps to see which areas can be applied for. The first map indicates the boundaries of each plotting section, whereas the second map indicates approximate house density and other details about each section. Note that more sections may be opened in the future; however these sections require terraforming to be done prior to opening them up.
* Image One
* Image Two

  • The sections in the map are divided into three seperate types. Please note the differences in application requirements for each.

1. Industry (Yellow): Areas dedicated to a specific productive task.
- Requires research about the industry, both real-life and canon. (For instance, I believe there's some canon in the book about the shipyard).
- Requires tests for whatever the important aspects of the industry are.

2. Houses/Farming (Red): Some of these are denser areas around the main gates, where taverns/inns and other important professions would be. Some of them are more sparse, mostly farmer houses, large yards.
- In your plotting map, make sure to point out special builds (taverns/inns/etc.) as well as yards, fields, and/or pastures.
- Within the wall, large open areas should be filled with goat pens- see the goat pen plots to the east of the city for an example.
- Outside the walls, crop fields can also exist alongside with pastures and goat pens.
- Asterisk (*) indicates an application is a "special" region and thus requires a more substantial application

3. Editor Task (
Blue): Consist of terraforming tasks such creating forests and rivers.
- Must be an Editor or Editor Lite to apply for these.

  • An application requires an approval by me and another moderator, similar to mini-builds within the city.

  • Once an application is approved, the builder can begin plotting. Once the builder is finished plotting, myself and the other mod will post-approve it before it's ready to be opened to builders (this may not be immediate, depending on the location of the plotting).

  • The builder in charge of the section will be able to play a central role in seeing their section through to completion, including participating in feedback along the way. (Not that people are forbidden from giving feedback at any other time!)

Please let me know if there are any parts of these guidelines that are unclear, or if you have any questions. I look forward to hopefully seeing people trying out some plotting, as it's not a common opportunity to be able to directly contribute to sprawl of a major server build like this!

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Hey Cash, thanks for the app! You put an excellent amount of research into the industry! Just a few quick points:

* I had actually intended for the whaling area to be an editor project (blue) before opening it for actual plotting, as the beaches and cliffs along that segment still need to be done. However, since you already did a lot of thorough planning, I'll let you do it- however you also have to have a plan for the terraforming of the coast, and an editor to help you with it (or apply for e-lite yourself).

* I'm not sure about all the ships located inside the rocky cove area, it seems like this would not be a good place for large whaling ships (or ships in general) to dock.

* The inn might not make sense in an industrial area like that, especially with the smells and noise emanating from the production. There's also an inn in the square within the walls. Maybe you have an argument for having another inn on top of that, but if so it should definitely be moved further away.
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Hey Emote, thanks for taking a look and the feedback.

*I've actually been granted e-lite powers now, and have spent the last few weeks getting some practice with them (see this post in the E-Lite status poll thread), so no problem if there's some terra involved since I assumed I'd be doing some anyway. I'll update the app with ideas for the landscape.

*I got the idea to put some ships in that rocky cove area while researching as it was said that the whalers would bring ships in close to shore and make use of coves as shelter and protection from the weather. If this particular cove is too shallow/small for this to be practical we could expand it a bit, but happy to take suggestions on other options.

*Fair point about the Inn being too close to the industrial area, I do think there's enough of a market for one to cater to the whalers though, so happy to make the case for moving it a bit more to the north near the river.

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Application for section 8: Sheepgate
My thoughts are that the families in this area are in fact sheep herders/farmers etc. I have roughly
18 houses (give or take) planned for this area as it is to be a low density area. Most of the houses are touching so I added black dots to tell them apart. There will be personal yards and a well or two etc. Everyone here is lowclass.

Going to have a sort of general store/residence building right in front of where the gate is. I have not quite put my finger on what it will be exactly maybe something to do with wool.

The other special building (it will be all one building with a road going under it in the middle) is a tavern/Inn. Not really an inn at all but they serve booze and good food. You can ask for a room if your from out of town but.. they will laugh at you, get you super drunk, and you'll wake up with the sheep in the fields somewhere. On one side of the Taverns underpass/breezeway will be stables.

The rest of the area will be lined with sheep pasture as well as sheering barns, sheep shelters, and other assorted outbuildings. There will be wide gates between each pasture area to allow for moving herds between them. The whole place is just a tight knit community that just really loves their sheep, perhaps a bit too much.



Ah, I must have missed your E-lite post. Excellent! Regarding the ships, this is something we can probably play by ear. One or two ships may not be a problem. I would try to make the docks at a less awkward angle though (perhaps 60-degrees ish, perpendicular to the nearby river, if you get what I mean). Also, I'd perhaps make the yellow houses to the north just a tiny bit sparser, so that the layout isn't quite as dense as within the walls. Just a couple houses less will do.

Given those things, the plotting is approved by me! I'll check off the terra ideas independently.


Looks great, love your tavern description! You have my approval! Just one clarification though, I'm assuming the small gray rectangles will be vegetable gardens for the house plots?

Both of you just need to get another mod to take a look at them and see if I missed anything, and then we're good to go.
Hey Cash
Only remaining issue for me are the missing yards, so don't forget to plot them along with the houses :)
Also, and that's directed to Emot too, what are you planning with the area East of the workers houses? and the South area, where you've planned a few scattered houses? Could you plot a few fields there?

Otherwise, approved for me!

Lyliana, why not having a few houses on the Western side of the main road (the one surrounding WH walls)? There are houses between road and wall in KL's sprawl.
Same as Cash, approved for me!
To the east is another plotting area for someone else to do. To the south, I agree there should be some goat pens and/or fields, the area is very empty right now.

The houses between the walls and the road weren't plotted on @SMP 's original map, perhaps he can explain his reasoning there though.
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@Emotione11 Yes the grey rectangles are houses personal yards for veggies etc :)

Otherwise yes I was just going off of the house density map and that's why there's no houses to the south. They can be easily added if needed, just a couple.

One more thing, question, could I add in a ditch (on one side of road) or ditches (one on each side) along the road that leads between gates? They would empty out into the moat/huge ditch that goes around the wall. The ditch would be very small/shallow. I would push back the houses to make room for them and then have a thin wood plank going over the ditch to get to them and probably a second tiny path connecting them like a frontage road, so they would all share the wood plank bridge. This will add a lot of interest/character to the area I think.
Made a quick and dirty picture of what I mean. The orange of course being where the ditch/ditches would be and the yellow showing where they empty into the city ditch:

sheepsditches.png Depending on how it looks in game I would start them back further and not right next to the outer gate.
Let me know what you think!

EDIT: I have plotted where/how the ditches would be in game. Subject to change per request.
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Whale District Update
  • Rearranged cove wharf
  • Cut some houses from the northern end of district
  • Added yards to houses in the south, reclassified some as fishing huts.
  • Moved the Inn further north to the cross-roads
  • Added terraforming plan

Last thing I'm just not sure about is how much of the grass area in the south is going to be sub-divided as fields. Let me know if you have any thoughts.
Looks good to me! Just a couple things, I'd leave the yards out for now in the houses along the river, since if those are done before the river is terraformed it will be annoying. On a similar note, I think the river is one thing you should leave alone for the terraforming at least for now, just to ensure that the whole river can get a uniform and thought out style eventually. Although you can do the area where the river empties into the cove, since that's kind of required in order to terraform the beach there.

Lyl: The ditch idea seems fine to me!


So I'm pretty much done with plotting. Wondering if I can/should add house plots on the wall side of the road? I have wool stacks of where I would put them. There are six. Then I just need grass/pasture painting. Then the area is ready.
The plots of the whaling district are also now roughed out, but would be great if a mod had a chance to take a look and offer their thoughts on the layout before I finish the terraforming. I can't decide if there are too many houses or not enough/if the yards look ok.

I've also slightly reworked the layout of the whaling facilities, I'm fine to finish them all myself but I've added building tags/instructions if anyone else would like to help.