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Thanks for tagging them on there - going through them, it looks like most will have a significant "data" component and could see testing in just a shell or custom app, i.e. the Relations Matrix, which already has one. It'll be quicker and more preferable to do so wherever possible, and should help us iron out any issues before taking them into a more complex environment. That being the case, it's likely that I'll need to see a bit more in the way of specific targets and requirements for each topic - I can reference the almanac as much as possible, though most things there are described in a way which give a thorough overview of a concept, but don't give me total confidence that I would be representing the exact desire of whoever drafted it. I'll try to list things that need clarifying on the cards you've provided if I run into them.
Awesome! I'll go in and flesh out whatever you deem lacking. I'm happy to cook up some prototypes too (will mostly be python but I could do some javascript for ease of use and distribution too)