1. Iwan

    Market Research

    Note: Quoted from @Thamus_Knoward List of all research done by us: Combat playstyles, region population, and a Warden's end goal (still running): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fee7thz5K_oGAFVc-SSuqo2E6guhahMtSTkaCHeA3WI/edit?usp=sharing -> Players were able to chose a combination of 3...
  2. Iwan

    Introduction to WesterosCraft Quests

    Note: This document is not up to date. Hello story writers! Like Thamus has done for the MMO Forum as an Introduction in this thread, the Story Team wants to invite you to participate and give you some guidelines about how to contribute to this very exciting part of our MMO development. We...
  3. Iwan

    WesterosCraft Unreal

    Note: Quoted from @Hal9007 I understand more than a few of you may be interested in knowing what progress is being made toward Unreal Engine 4, and whether it stands as a potential platform for future RPG development or not. I've been focusing heavily on this topic over the last few weeks, and...
  4. Iwan


    A Game of Blocks MMO Premise Ascent through the ranks of Westerosi Politics, from a common peasant to a high lord during the confusion of the “War of the Five Kings”. Gain riches by trade, make allies by clever diplomacy, sow chaos with false truces and win fierce battles in your pursuit...