Approved Sweetport Sound (Foster) by StanateeTheManatee

Two Month (since application) Update:

Check out /warp sweetport

I've done a lot of cleaning up, moving around, terraforming and planning of the southern lands of the project.

I built at least a first draft of Tally Hill and some plans for the nearby hamlet. The plotting isnt immaculate, but it roughly follows the original plans, which I figure is what lies at the heart of the "foster".

The next big thing I think I need to tackle is plotting out the fields. In talking with Emot, he thinks that the boundaries of the fields should be a mixture of fencing, English bocages and stone walls, which appears to be fairly consistent with Northern England. This kind of mixture seems to be used at Mallery.
Plotting the fields is a big undertaking and kinda looming over my head, so I wanted to draw up some rough sketches and take some advice them. Anyway:

The brown lines would be the wall/fence/windbreak mixture. Blue represents potential waterways/drainage/ponds. Green would be the fields. The empty plots with the ponds could be cattle/sheep pasture. Of course, a couple of the rest could be pasture too, since I want sheep to be the main feature.
All the brown wool yall see in this picture is where I wish to kind of expand the woods. There is another thread recently made talking about how the Kingswood should be dealt with, and I'd like to see some input on that here too.
I've been neglecting putting any update for awhile just because I've felt bad about the slow progress and not making regular updates, which only compounded over time. Things are going well, but slowly. I've marked out the fields and bocages in the South and have started work on the cliff and sound.
I do need a new approving mod now since Endy stepped down, leaving me with just Emot.


Donkey Lord
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Hi Stan, sorry this has gone on so long with one approving mod but I'll step in! I really love your work so far, especially the many ponds.

How are things at the moment? Anything that can be assisted?
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Ah thanks, Aeks! As you can easily see, I've been offline for a few months, but I hope to try and get more active again soon. It's good to hear that you like my work so far. I really just need to plow ahead and at least complete the fields I have plotted so far. It might also be nice to start work on the town as it might be a little more intriguing and inspire me to work on it more instead of worrying about all the surroundings. :D
I am alive!


I've just been busy with other things and not in a building mood the last few months, but I think it would be good to get back into things. I've looked around and think it would be good, as I said, to get some fields down. But I may need some help to figure out how best to do it. I also did a bit more of the bay yesterday and I think it's coming along nicely. Additionally, as I said in my last post I might try replotting part of the town on my area in test. Please reach out here or on Discord (server or DMs) with any tips and advice.

Glad to be back! ~Stana
/me pretends my "I'm alive" post wasn't >1 year ago

But yeah. Behold: I'm doing things. I've talked to some people about pieces that I'd like to get moving- Tally Hill village & Towerhouse right now. Have also talked to Emot about better organizing my project flow. At the same time, I have a few irons in the fire in my daily life too, so that's a hindrance. But I'm still very much dedicated to seeing this come to life. If anyone has anything they'd like to or feel they could contribute, pls lmk, I'd love the help. :)