Season 8 Death Pool Contest!

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By lemonbear on Apr 4, 2019 at 5:51 PM
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    Hi, all!

    In the lead up to the final season of Game of Thrones, the mod team and I would like to announce a fun contest for everyone! We all have theories of who will win the game of thrones, who Azor Ahai is, and where the hell Gendry ended up, but we all know the funnest part of the show is guessing who will live and who won’t live to see a dream of spring.

    So, as per tradition we invite you to participate in our Season 8 Death Pool! Simply enter your choices into the linked form, and enjoy seeing how correct you are as the season progresses. If validation that you’re smarter than everyone else isn’t enough motivation to participate, the three with the most accurate guesses at the end of the show will win gift card prizes!

    Official rules are as follows:
    • The form will be open until April 14, 12:00 GMT+1.
    • There may only be one entry per person.
    • We will post the spread sheet on the forums as soon as polls are closed, and we will announce winners after the last episode is aired.
    • The first place winner receives a $20 USD gift card from either Amazon or Steam, and the first two runner ups will each receive a $15 USD gift card from either Amazon or Steam.
    To ensure impartiality, IwanDeLarch, who will tally the points, will not be participating in the contest. As an addendum regarding point tallying: If a character is AWOL and it’s unclear whether they live or die, we assume that they live. For example, we are unlikely to see the direwolf Nymeria. If we don’t see her die in the show, she will be counted as alive in the contest.

    GOOD LUCK!!! :)

    EDIT: The results are in:
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Discussion in 'News' started by lemonbear, Apr 4, 2019.