game of thrones

  1. Z

    Builder application + tips if possible

    I love Game of Thrones (Watched the whole series and read the first two books. At the moment im reading book 3, the german book 3, so Im basically in the middle of the original book 2). I have multiple characters i like the most. Luwin, Robb, Cat, Ned, Robert Baratheon, Shireen and many more...
  2. lemonbear

    Season 8 Death Pool Contest!

    Hi, all! In the lead up to the final season of Game of Thrones, the mod team and I would like to announce a fun contest for everyone! We all have theories of who will win the game of thrones, who Azor Ahai is, and where the hell Gendry ended up, but we all know the funnest part of the show is...