Project/update application: Norrey


Here is a list of minis that are open or pretty soon to be open

-Woodcarving Hermit and very small weirwood grove (3-4 small trees can be done with WE) Open for app
-Chambered cairn Completed by Antony
-A sheep/wool proccessing area. a small settlement slightly apart from the rest of ham2 Open for app
-Hamlet 4 ruin Open for app
-Hf1 Javiv is testing
-Hf2 thevikingcorgi is working on it
-2 settlements on the way to hf2 Terra IP

Watch this space and Norrey in /warp build for developments and more minis
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Its been just about 2 full months since the project began so I thought it is a good time for an update in the builds progress.

Main valley: Buildings are all done inside the palisade. Whats left are the mines and roads. There are still <8 plots left in the small settlements outside the gates.
massive thanks to LordUnicorn and thevikingcorgi for doing the last big structures in the village and for your work on the settlements. And an especially big round of applause for Antony_Justman who did basically everything north of the Godswood.

Near the Knott Border: The terra for that area is done! Tests are under way for the hf and plots at hamlet2 will soon be open. more builds for anyone who enjoys self inflicted snow-torture :D.
There are 2 minis in or nearby ham2.
-A wool processing and weaving area is a great link for information about the type of sheep likely in the far North and some details on rooing that I would like represented, at least in storage of the fleece
-A hf. Javiv is currently testing
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Hello, that is my application for the chambered cairn west of the ham2 in Norrey.
It is an immersion build, which has a quite interesting backstory. The cairn has been a burial place for clan champions who were from the village nearby, the entrance of the cairn is "guarded" by an ages old and eroded by time and weather statue of unknown origin. Legend has it that it was made by an ancient king who had mastered the dark arts, to guard the entrance of his tomb, and that it is cursed and haunted by the spirit of his most fierce and loyal warrior, and that is why it is said, that one stormy nights strange war cries can be heard from the mountains. The concept of the statue was inspired by Tolkien's pukel-men statues of similar purpose and origin.
The screenshots of the cairn can be seen in the imgur link below:
Hello I would like to apply for NorreyHf2
test at /warp vikingcorgi and here a link to screenshots/ maps:

The hamlet layout shown in the map is very rough and is more to just give the general idea. Overall the holdfast is supposed to be not only for defense but also for farming from the hamlet. The hamlet is centred around lake/ pond as way for locals to collect the reads and makes baskets. The hamlet is going have several houses close to the lake that show this. there is also going to be a larger barn along with a few wooden watch towers along the earthen wall wall.


I've talked to you in game and we came to agreement on the earthern wall. Approved from me.
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I still have 2 minis open for application;

A forest woodcarving hermit (near Norreyham3) who lives near a stand of 3 weirwoods, carving the trees around them. The old man is considered to be in communication with the old gods and so the people of the nearby hamlet bring him food, for he spends his days carving or murmuring to the trees. Occasionally he is found to have butchered game and strewn the entrails in unusual patterns. The clearing in which the weirwoods stand is littered with a mixture of stone statues and wooden statues and objects he has carved.

A sheepfold across the gully from norreyham2 that is built around a small longhouse and adjacent buildings. The sheep are small, about the size of dogs (Northern European Short-tailed sheep) and have 2 layers of wool. the outer layer is darker, weatherproof and is shed periodically. It is collected to make outergarments while the inner layer is insulating, whiter, fine, and very well used in inner layers. The sheep are very valuable and so are kept within the relatively low-ceilinged longhouse (Strong/Hurstvic insp), at one of the ends, while the people sleep nearer the fire. the benches are covered with furs and used as bedding.
What there needs to be:
-storage for fleeces yet to be spun
-whorl and spindle and/or spinning wheel
-carding paddles for making felt
-loom. not too many as a lot of wool is taken to Norreyvillage1 and the looms there
-flora similar to that on the opposite bank. a lot may have been eaten by sheep because they are bastards with a taste for flowers :p
-areas where the snow has been cleared to expose grass. look at Antony's hamlet north of the Godswood at Norrey for examples.
-A single kettle for treating wool which is not in use at the moment because the inner layers have not been shorn recently, its too cold
However, rooing (removing the outer, courser layer) has taken place more recently and so there is some of the wool left around. the sheep are being kept inside and only let out in clear weather while they are regrowing the outer layer.

some images of the sheep and their comparative size


progress update now that the project has been running for 2 going on 3 months:

-norreyham2 is complete
-norreyham3 is almost complete, needs 1 more building and the training yard to be complete
-javivs test for hf1 I really like and I am not sure if he needs to apply for it formally or I can just copy it over
-norreyhf2 is open for building! 10 plots left of varying styles.
-terra for norreyvillage and norreyham1 needs to have waterways made and for snow to be smoothed before it can be plotted and opened. should be done within the week.

I've been keeping my hands off norrey proper for a while and will continue to do so until the waterway is complete.

Now, I am looking for assistance from someone more experienced with plotting waterways. I want to make the stream and lake at warp norrey as good as possible but don't feel confident at plotting or making it myself. somewhat similar to Otty's Milkwater streams.

I also would really really like a hand with river that passes through norreyvillage and past norreyham1. I want to make the primary flow from the waterfall like this image and the stream that flows from the weirwood valley to be like this where it meets the main river and the waterfall/rapids of that river being more like the following images
the second, smaller waterway is going to be the more difficult I reckon